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When did Neville debut on the main roster?

When did Neville debut on the main roster?

30 March 2015
On the 30 March 2015 episode of Raw, Satterley made his main roster debut, under the shortened ring name Neville, defeating Curtis Axel.

Why did Adrian Neville leave WWE?

#3 Left WWE on bad terms – Neville During an episode of RAW, he had a heated argument with Vince McMahon, where the former Cruiserweight Champion reportedly flipped out on him and walked out. He then refused to return and sat out his WWE contract before the company eventually released him in August 2018.

What is AEW PAC real name?

Benjamin Satterly
Benjamin Satterly (born 22 August 1986) is an English professional wrestler. He currently wrestles under the ring name PAC”. He has also wrestled under the ring names Adrian Neville in the WWE’s developmental territory, NXT and Pac in the Independent circuit. He is currently signed to AEW.

How tall is Malakai black?

5′ 11″Malakai Black / Height

Is PAC a steroid?

As you’d expect on Twitter, some questioned if he had used steroids to get that muscular. PAC responded to those people on Monday in legendary fashion saying: “I am a STEROID FREE SAVAGE!

Why is PAC not on AEW?

Mark Henry mentioned on Thursday’s episode of Busted Open Radio that PAC had been out of action for several weeks due to a concussion. The WWE Hall of Famer was critical about the spot in the match where Page hit the dead eye to PAC off the top of a ladder through a table.

Why did Enzo leave WWE?

Amore was suspended from WWE on January 22, 2018, due to his sexual assault allegations (see below). As a result, his scheduled title defense against Cedric Alexander at the Royal Rumble was canceled. The next day, Amore was fired from WWE and the title was vacated.

How many wrestlers are in AEW?

113 Wrestlers
Full AEW Roster: All 113 Wrestlers Signed To All Elite Wrestling In 2021.

How old is Brody King?

35 years (March 17, 1987)Brody King / Age

How old is CM Punk?

43 years (October 26, 1978)CM Punk / Age

Why does PAC have an eye patch?

PAC, now wearing an eye patch due to the mist he took last week from Malakai Black, was announced as the replacement for Fenix, and the bout was changed to a straight-up non-title match. It was previously announced that Friday’s Rampage will see AEW TNT Champion Sammy Guevara defend the strap against Tony Nese.

Is PAC injured?

Contrary to recent speculation, AEW’s PAC has not been suffering from a concussion anytime recently. This is according to Dave Meltzer, who writes in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Mark Henry’s recent claim that the Englishman had taken time off due to a concussion a month or so ago wasn’t accurate.