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When did Beneteau Buy Jeanneau?

When did Beneteau Buy Jeanneau?

In 1995 the company was bought out by Groupe Beneteau and became part of the largest global sailboat-building enterprise. In the mid-1990s some Jeanneau designs were built in Polish boat yards, including the Sun Odyssey 24.1.

Who owns Jeanneau boats?

Groupe Beneteau
Groupe Beneteau has a long history of building boats in America going back 30 years with the opening of the factory in Marion, SC in 1986. But up until now, US production has been reserved for only the Beneteau and Jeanneau sailboats.

Where are Jeanneau boats manufactured?

Visit the Jeanneau shipyard in Vendée – France | Jeanneau.

Are Jeanneau boats Bluewater?

Jeanneau 469 • The 469 is the newest design in the ever-evolving Sun Odyssey line from Jeanneau that keeps getting better and better.

How good are Beneteau sailboats?

Newer Beneteau sailboats are just as high-quality as the old ones—and sometimes better. These vessels have a reputation for quality parts, and few sailors regard them as cheaply-built boats. The cabinet materials, hull glassing, and fittings are generally good from the factory.

Are Beneteaus good boats?

The brand is trusted by thousands of boaters worldwide. Beneteau boats have shown to retain their value over time better than any other brand of boats on the water. Together with its dealer network, Beneteau has been rewarded for many years with the CSI award for its excellence in boat production and customer service.

Are Beneteau and Jeanneau the same?

The Beneteau group acquired Jeanneau in 1995, so Beneteau and Jeanneau boats are essentially the same brand with some differences in how the two of them do things.

What is considered a bluewater sailboat?

A blue water sailboat is a boat that is designed for extended voyages in open water. The opposite are inland production boats.

Is Jeanneau or Beneteau better?

Beneteau boats are often made for charter and the family market, with design towards more roomy interiors and bigger, more comfortable cabins and galley. This means more storage in the cabins and roomier bathrooms. Jeanneau boats, however, perform better as cruisers.