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Whats the difference between a Fiamma F45 and a F65?

Whats the difference between a Fiamma F45 and a F65?

Q – What is the difference between F45 and F65? A – The fundamental difference between these two models is that F45 is suitable for installation on the wall of the vehicle while the F65 on the roof of the vehicle.

How long is a Fiamma F45 awning?

1.9m to 4.5m
Fiamma F45S Awning Specification The Polar White case version of the F45S awning is available in lengths from 1.9m to 4.5m with different extensions depending on the awning length.

Can you fit a Fiamma awning to a caravan?

Fiamma Caravanstore fits to the standard awning rail fitted to the vast majority of touring caravans, but can also be fitted to other vehicles with a straight, horizontal awning channel including campervans and minivans.

Does Fiamma F45S have an awning rail?

The innovative and compact awning of Italian design The easy-to-use and simple to install awning which joins todays best technologies, service and quality! Constantly renewed, the F45s awning is compact and functional, making it the best choice for your holidays!

How is Fiamma awning measured?

To get the “A Measurement,” place your caravan on level ground. Afterwards, measure it from ground to ground. Start from the point directly underneath the awning channel from one end. Then, measure the length of your caravan from point underneath the awning channel up to the other end.

How wide is a Fiamma F45 awning?

Available Sizes:

Product Code Description Dimensions (Width x Length x Canopy Width)
200-20260 Fiamma F45 S 300 Royal Grey Awning 308cm x 250cm x 292cm
200-20280 Fiamma F45 S 350 Royal Grey Awning 348cm x 250cm x 331cm
200-20300 Fiamma F45 S 400 Royal Grey Awning 398cm x 250cm x 381cm

How does a drive away awning attach?

A majority of drive-away awnings come with webbing straps or ‘throw-over straps’. These webbing straps can be connected to the awning’s tunnel/cowl whether into buckles or tied-on (differs from brand to brand). These straps can be passed over the vehicle’s roof and then pegged into the ground on.

Why choose a Fiamma F45s awning?

Fiamma F45s Awning ADVANTAGES & FEATURES • Wide Choice of options: three finishes of case box and eight fabric colours to choose from, lengths from 190 to 450cm. • Awning Accessories: a wide range of accessories are available to further increase the comfort

Is there a gap between Fiamma F45s and f65s?

ON SECOND THOUGHT… After the installation, we realized that there is a gap between the van and the Fiamma F45S; this gap will allow some rain to go through as opposed to the F65S (which is installed on the roof). No big deal, we will eventually install something to close this gap.

Is there a specific installation kit for the Ford Transit F45s awning?

We could not find any documentation on the F45S installation specific to the Ford Transit, but we gave it a try anyway. The awning comes with the “generic” installation kit so we ordered the kit specific to the high-roof Ford Transit (which seems in fact to be for the Europeans Ford Transit, but we had it working on our new-world Transit version).

How do I mount the brackets on my awning?

If you are using the Standard brackets included with the awning then the mounting location of the brackets should aline with the “Support” markings on the rear of awning case. (Figure 1) Bear in mind that the awning will extend higher than the brackets. This need to be considered should there be gutters or edges of joins on the roof.