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Whats the definition of falsehood?

Whats the definition of falsehood?

Definition of falsehood 1 : an untrue statement : lie. 2 : absence of truth or accuracy.

What is an example of falsehood?

The definition of a falsehood is a lie, or is something that is untrue. When it is sunny outside and you say that it is raining, this is an example of a falsehood.

What is the full meaning of gross?

without deductions; total, as the amount of sales, salary, profit, etc., before taking deductions for expenses, taxes, or the like (opposed to net): gross earnings;gross sales.

What means perpetuating falsehood?

Perpetuate on the other hand means “to keep something going” such as traditions and legacies. Although these words aren’t often confused, one could perhaps “perpetuate” something, such as a lie or a crime, that has already been “perpetrated” by another. We could go on and on about it.

What are the types of falsehood?

Falsehood can come in many shapes and it isn’t specific to humans. This type of conduct can also be seen in animals.

What is another word for falsehood?

OTHER WORDS FOR falsehood 1 fabrication, prevarication, falsification, canard, invention, fiction, story. 4 untruthfulness, inveracity, mendacity.

Why is it called a gross?

“Gross” as a noun meaning “one dozen dozen of something” is actually a shortening of the Old French “grosse douzaine,” meaning “large dozen.” This “gross” meaning 144 of something is also sometimes called a “small gross” to differentiate it from a “large gross,” which is twelve gross (1728), which is a lot of just …

What does gross behavior mean?

2 adj If you say that someone’s speech or behaviour is gross, you think it is very rude or unacceptable., (disapproval) He abused the Admiral in the grossest terms…, I feel disgusted and wonder how I could ever have been so gross.

What is a synonym for falsehood?

Words related to falsehood cover-up, deceit, deception, dishonesty, distortion, fabrication, fakery, fallacy, falsity, misstatement, perjury, prevarication, sham, tall tale, untruth, canard, dissimulation, equivocation, erroneousness, error.

What word has opposite meaning with falsehood?

The opposite of falsity — or falseness — is truth.

What are the causes of falsehood?

Numbers don’t lie

  • To avoid being punished.
  • To obtain a reward not otherwise readily obtainable.
  • To protect another person from being punished.
  • To protect oneself from the threat of physical harm.
  • To win the admiration of others.
  • To get out of an awkward social situation.
  • To avoid embarrassment.

What are the cause of falsehood?

However, of the most common motives for telling lies, avoiding punishment is the primary motivator for both children and adults. Other typical reasons include protecting ourselves or others from harm, maintaining privacy, and avoiding embarrassment, to name a few.