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What you need for camping on Fraser Island?

What you need for camping on Fraser Island?

Pack a first-aid kit, essential medications, insect repellent, a fuel stove, rubbish bags, extra camping pegs/ropes and lockable food containers. Not sure what else you should pack? Check out this handy camping checklist. You’ll need a 4WD to explore (or alternatively, book one of these Fraser Island tours).

Can you use heat beads on Fraser Island?

A fully enclosed cooking or heating appliance, preferably using gas or fuel, can be used at all camping areas unless a total fire ban is in place. The appliance must use gas or manufactured fuel (heat beads, briquettes). Manufactured fuel does not include timber or wood.

Can you have campfires on Fraser Island?

It is a world heritage listed island with an ecosystem and landscape that is highly protected. For this reason, there is an open fire ban on most of Fraser Island. The only place on Fraser Island that you are allowed to have a fire is the provided fire rings in Dundubara and Waddy Point camping areas.

Can you refill water on Fraser Island?

The short answer is YES! All the resorts and private accommodation offer clean potable water, safe for drinking. Fraser Island has over 40 lakes and many of them run deep, offering plenty of freshwater sources for the island’s facilities.

Do you need a sand flag on Fraser Island?

Sand flags aren’t generally used on Fraser Island, there’s no need to travel over the dunes as a rule. There are water taps on the side of the road as you leave Rainbow Beach, just turn left near the hotel, if you turn left before then you will miss the taps.

Can u camp anywhere on Fraser Island?

You can’t just camp wherever you want on Fraser Island. You can only camp in the designated camping areas with the appropriate permit and camping is completely prohibited at Eli Creek. While this might go against your free camping spirit, many of the camping areas on Fraser Island are remote and completely basic.

Are Ozpigs allowed on Fraser Island?

I am under the understanding that no open fires are allowed on Fraser Island next to the beach at the beach side camp area. Ozpigs are ok, and I believe the 4wd supacentre version of an ozpig will be ok. You also need to use heat beads or charcoal, no untreated timber and the fire pit must be off the ground.

Can you take firewood to Fraser Island?

You can’t buy any firewood on Fraser Island and gathering firewood on the island is prohibited, so if you are planning on using one of these fire rings, you will have to bring firewood with you. The firewood has to be milled timber and not bush wood.

Can you bring alcohol to Fraser Island?

BYO means ‘bring your own alcohol,’ meaning you have to bring your own with you on the trip! This isn’t a requirement, but if your tour has this option and you do wish to have a few drinks in the evenings, you will have to purchase any alcohol you will want on your tour beforehand.

How much fuel can you take to Fraser Island?

I didn’t quite know where to put this, but a bit of useful information. You are allowed 2x20lt jerry cans of ulp, 2 9kg gas bottles and as much diesel as you want. This came straight from Fraser Island Barges.

Can 2WD go on sand?

When you walk on the sand, if you feel more resistance, boggy and it’s hard to walk, never put your 2wd on that sand. If it’s hard even to walk, your vehicle will never make it. If the sand is tight enough and you feel like you can drive through it. Oh, yes!

Can you take a 4×2 on the beach?

You could drive it on the beach, but it depends on the condition of the sand. If it’s hard packed you shouldn’t have any trouble, but if it’s soft you’re almost certain to get bogged.