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What year is DC Future State set in?

What year is DC Future State set in?

The plot begins in the year 2025, with Batman and Superman combatting the para-military force known as the Magistrate, that has been contracted by Gotham City’s Mayor Christopher Nakano to hunt down and eliminate any and all masked individuals in the city.

Does DC Comics have a timeline?

Though most of DC Comics are…well, comics, there are many timelines that fit better under different media types, such as film, television, and video games. Here are some of those timelines. You’ll also find individual timelines for certain eras, alternate timelines, characters, and teams.

Does Blackest Night take place after Final Crisis?

I followed up Final Crisis with Blackest Night. AFAIK it is the next big crossover event, if you’re trying to read all of those (which is what I’ve been doing, slowly).

What order should I read The New 52?


  1. Justice League Origins.
  2. Meet the New 52.
  3. Meet the Superman Family.
  4. Flashback / Before Modern Day.
  5. Meet the Bat Family.
  6. The Culling Reading Order.
  7. Meet the Green Lantern Corps.
  8. New 52 Year One Continued.

How many years in the future is DC Future State?

2035. Suspiciously, the Future State timeline appears to remain quiet for a whole five years following a tidal wave of stories in 2030. Not only that, but 2035 will only have one series update: The Last Lantern.

Is Batman Black?

DC Comics have announced that the new Batman will be Black. The next caped crusader will be called Tim Fox and will be the estranged son of Bruce Wayne’s business manager Lucius Fox. Fox first appeared as a character in Batman in 1979.

Is DC Comics getting shut down?

Zack Snyder DC movies and Hollywood kill DC Comics It all bombed as Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, and Justice League all failed to meet up to expectations and underperformed, and now just prior to the merger of WB and Discovery, WB is closing down the DC Comics offices and moving them.

Who got lantern rings in Blackest Night?

This was not the Black Hand of Blackest Night. This one heard the voice of the Guardian of Death while sitting in an open grave. Not long after, he killed his family and himself. Resurrected by the Guardian Scar and given a black power ring, Black Hand became a herald of those Lanterns.

When did DC Rebirth end?

DC Comics ended the Rebirth branding in December 2017, opting to include everything under a larger “DC Universe” banner and naming. The continuity and repercussions established by Rebirth continues into the 2021 Infinite Frontier relaunch.

Is DC Rebirth better than New 52?

It’s by this comparison that we found that the Rebirth relaunch is doing substantially better than New 52. DC dollars were up 24% this year vs. the comparable month in the New 52 run, on piece sales that were up 21%.