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What year did Harley go to belt drive?

What year did Harley go to belt drive?

From 1992, rubber tooth-belt drive was adopted for all Harley-Davidson streetbikes.

Does Harley-Davidson have belt drive?

Harley transitioned its product range from chain to belt drive between 1980 and 1992. Compared with a chain, belts are cleaner, lighter, cheaper, smoother, quieter and require less maintenance or adjustment than chains.

How often do you change the drive belt on a Harley-Davidson?

The maintenance schedule for all Harley motorcycle models calls for a drive belt inspection and tension check after the first 1,000 miles and every 5,000 miles thereafter, the same interval as an oil-and-filter change.

Which is better chain or belt drive motorcycle?

Despite all those negatives, chain and sprockets are the most efficient at transmitting power, with only 1 – 4 % transmission loss. That’s significantly less than belt drives, and a no-contest as compared to the heavy losses incurred by shaft drives.

When did Sportsters go belt drive?

Belt Drive Made Standard on All Sportsters – 1993 In 1993, the chain drive on Sportsters was replaced with a belt drive, and the following year the electrical systems on the Sportster line were upgraded.

Is Harley Pan American belt drive?

While most Harley-Davidsons are belt-driven, the Pan America uses a chain final drive in order to reduce the chance of belt damage caused by rocks and debris picked up off-road.

What causes Harley drive belt to break?

Excessive load and shock loading were next among the most common causes of drive belt failure. In the case of a motorcycle final drive, this correlates to a bike loaded to the max with cargo and passengers and/or lots of throttle delivered with a dump of the clutch.

Is belt drive or chain drive better?

Chain vs Belt: Strength As previously mentioned, these two styles function the same. One difference is that chain drives are simply stronger: they can lift more than a belt drive. This makes them the choice for moving heavier doors, so consider them if you’re going with a steel carriage.

How many miles will Harley engine last?

A Harley Engine is expected to last over 100,000 miles if the bike is well maintained as per Harley-Davidson’s suggested service schedule with fluids rotated regularly, if it’s stored and ridden responsibly, and if the motorcycle isn’t involved in any accidents.

Is chain drive better than belt drive Harley?