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What words end in hot?

What words end in hot?

Words That End With HOT

  • airshot.
  • bowshot.
  • earshot.
  • eyeshot.
  • gunshot.
  • hipshot.
  • hotshot.
  • manihot.

What is a five letter word that ends in J?

5-letter words ending with J

aflaj Arinj
bajaj Basij
BRONJ falaj
Karaj Lugoj
Ozalj Slunj

What Scrabble word ends in J?

Words Ending in ‘J’

  • 3 Letter Words. haj13 raj10 taj10
  • 4 Letter Words. benj13 hadj15 hajj21
  • 5 Letter Words. aflaj15 basij14 falaj15
  • 6 Letter Words. baseej15 svaraj16 swaraj16

What is a 5 letter word that starts with J?

5-letter words starting with J

jaaps Jabba
jabot jacal
jacks jacky
Jacob Jacos
jaded jades

What words have hot in them?

7 Letter Words With Hot

  • airshot 10
  • aphotic 14
  • bowshot 15
  • earshot 10
  • eyeshot 13
  • gunshot 11
  • hipshot 15
  • hotbeds 13

What are the synonyms of hot?


  • ardent,
  • boiling,
  • broiling,
  • burning,
  • fervent,
  • fervid,
  • fiery,
  • piping hot,

Is there a 4 letter word that ends in J?

What are the Four Letter Words Ending in J? The Four Letter Words Ending in J are Benj, hadj, and hajj.

Do any English words end in J?

Words that end in J don’t come up very often. It might even surprise you to learn that the letter J in general is relatively rare in English. That’s why it’s worth so many points in word games like Scrabble┬« and Words With Friends┬«….3 Letter Words.

Word Options
haj definition
raj definition
taj definition

Are there any 4 letter words that end in J?

4-letter words that end in j

  • hadj.
  • hajj.
  • munj.
  • cluj.
  • bmsj.
  • gorj.
  • rasj.
  • mtpj.

What are some words for the letter J?

Here are some wonderful positive words starting with the letter J to enhance your little one’s vocabulary….List of positive words that start with J.

Jovial Just Joyful
Jaunty Joking Jewel
Jolly Jaw-dropping Jubilant
Jocular Justified Jazzy