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What weekend is McKinney Trades Day?

What weekend is McKinney Trades Day?

OPENING HOURS. Third Monday McKinney Trade Days is hosted the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before the third Monday of each month.

Where did McKinney Trade Days move to?

The iconic McKinney flea market will go live on Jan. 14 at its new location. Southfork Ranch is more than just the title sequence of the classic television drama, Dallas. In the early 1990s, it was also a flea market venue.

Where did Third Monday Trade Days move to?

Third Monday McKinney Trade Days is back starting this month, opening on Feb. 18-20. It will be held at the same location, 4550 W University Dr, McKinney, with many of its former vendor, as well as some new vendors.

Who owns 3rd Monday days?

owner Darrell Lewis
Danny Gallagher/Staff photo – Third Monday Trade Days, located on U.S. 380 in McKinney, and its owner Darrell Lewis have gotten into a disagreement with the McKinney Police Department over who should pay to monitor foot and vehicle traffic around the outdoor event.

Is McKinney Trade Days Cancelled?

Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney closing permanently. The owner of one of Texas’ oldest weekend trade markets talks about why it’s closing and what he plans to do with the property afterward. McKINNEY, Texas – One of the oldest weekend trade markets in North Texas is closing.

Do they sell dogs at Canton Trade Days?

Did you know that in Canton, Texas there is an entire flea market dedicated to selling puppies, piglets, kittens, and other animals? This flea market, known as “Dog Alley”, is held the first weekend of every month during Canton Trade Days.

Is McKinney Trade Days closing permanently?

Can you spend the night at Southfork Ranch?

For the first time, the show’s famed Southfork Ranch, 25 miles north of Dallas in Parker, is allowing guests to book overnight stays and live like a Ewing, with access to the entire mansion and pool.

Is McKINNEY Trade Days closing permanently?

When did McKinney Trade Days start?

Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney, Texas is the oldest and largest monthly trade days/flea market in North Texas with roots back to the old county-wide market that began in the 1870’s in McKinney.

Can you drink beer at Canton Trade Days?

Vendors must notify the office (903) 567-3037 as soon as possible if unable to attend. Only one miss is allowed per 12 month period and rent must be paid in order to guarantee space. No-shows may lose their space. No alcohol is permitted on market grounds.

Does it cost to get into Canton Trade Days?

Admission to all of the shopping sites is free. Parking fees are required in most areas. Other modes of transportation include a shuttle bus. Scooter, shopping cart and wagon rentals are also available onsite.