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What was trench foot like in the trenches?

What was trench foot like in the trenches?

Trench foot appeared in the winter of 1914, characterized by pedal swelling, numbness, and pain. It was quickly recognized by military-medical authorities. There was little debate over whether it was frostbite or new condition, and it was quickly accepted as a specific disease.

What did trench foot do to soldiers?

Feet suffered gravely in the waterlogged trenches, as tight boots, wet conditions and cold caused swelling and pain. Prolonged exposure to damp and cold could lead to gangrene and even amputation of the feet in severe cases. Lice and infrequent changes of clothing added to unhygienic battlefield conditions.

Did soldiers died from trench foot?

The condition first became known during World War I, when soldiers got trench foot from fighting in cold, wet conditions in trenches without the extra socks or boots to help keep their feet dry. Trench foot killed an estimated 2,000 American and 75,000 British soldiers during WWI.

What did they smell in ww1?

Question: What was the smell like while fighting in the trenches in World War I? Answer: The smell in the trenches can only be imagined: rotting bodies, gunpowder, rats, human and other excrement and urine, as well as the damp smell of rotting clothes, oil, and many other smells mixed into one foul cesspit of a smell.

Was trench foot painful?

Trench foot, also known as immersion foot, occurs when the feet are wet for long periods of time. It can be quite painful, but it can be prevented and treated.

Can you recover from trench foot?

It can take three to six months to fully recover from Trench Foot and prompt treatment is essential to prevent gangrene and possible foot amputation.

How did whale oil prevent trench foot?

Whales even had a part to play on the front lines. Whale oil had valuable health benefits when it was employed to prevent trench foot, as when it was rubbed into the foot it formed a protective waterproof barrier.

How did whale oil help trench foot?

Does trench foot hurt?

Trench foot or immersion foot is a type of tissue damage caused by prolonged exposure to cold and wet conditions. It leads to swelling, pain, and sensory disturbances in the feet.

What would you taste in World war 1?

The bulk of their diet in the trenches was bully beef (caned corned beef), bread and biscuits. By the winter of 1916 flour was in such short supply that bread was being made with dried ground turnips. The main food was now a pea-soup with a few lumps of horsemeat.