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What was the point of Nikki and Paulo?

What was the point of Nikki and Paulo?

Because Lost just doesn’t have enough criminals and con men on the show, it turns out that Nikki and Paulo were partners in crime and love, working a scam that involved poisoning Zukerman and stealing his diamonds.

What did Sawyer do to Nikki and Paulo?

Nikki and Paulo are then buried alive by James “Sawyer” Ford and Hugo “Hurley” Reyes after tossing the diamonds in the grave with them as they consider them to be of no value on the island.

What did Nikki bury in Lost?

Following her bite from the Medusa Spider, Nikki began to run back to the beach camp to warn them of her and Paulo’s predicament, but stopped briefly to bury the diamonds for safe keeping. Nikki made her way back to the beach camp, collapsing in front of Sawyer and Hurley at the ping-pong table.

Where did Hurley get the numbers?

The winning numbers were 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. When several bizarre accidents followed, Hurley came to the conclusion that the numbers – which he got from a mental hospital patient – carried a curse that brought him bad luck.

What does the lost ending mean?

Christian explains that place exists so the Oceanic 815 survivors could “let go” and “move on” together. Jack and Christian go out into the church to meet the others. Everyone is able to see, recognize, and remember everyone else and their lives together.

Who gets poisoned in Lost?

So, who poisoned Michael? Well, it was Sun with a little coaxing by Kate. The conclusion plays out very much like the conclusion to “… In Translation”, but instead of Locke confronting Walt about setting the raft on fire, it is Jack confronting Sun.

How did the series Lost end?

They’re dead in the flash-sideways, sure, but their reunion in that church to “move on” from their current purgatory is as striking and lively depiction of the afterlife that I’ve ever seen. It proves Desmond Hume’s (Henry Ian Cusick) repeated catchphrase of “See you in another life” correct, in the end.

Why is Hurley cursed?

Hurley suspects the numbers he used to win the lottery are cursed, so he visits the institution again to speak with Leonard.

What was the point of the button in Lost?

The humans must press a button to prevent aliens from taking over the Earth but would allow the earth to be destroyed if they were dead. The movie Sphere (based on the Michael Crichton novel of the same name) has a button that must be pushed every 12 hours.

What was the Smoke Monster in Lost?

The Smoke Monster Protects The Island Through some unknown means, the island was given or created itself a protector to guard it from outsiders and other possible threats. This protector became popularly known as the smoke monster. The smoke monster’s origin is still shrouded in mystery.

Why was Kate on the run in Lost?

In preparation for the trip, Kate stole a dead woman’s passport to assume her identity. However, Michael accused Sawyer of Michael’s poisoning, which led to Sawyer revealing her fugitive status to the other survivors.