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What was the disease in extraordinary measures?

What was the disease in extraordinary measures?

During the weekend, a film called Extraordinary Measures , starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser, debuted in theatres. Based on a true story, the film highlights a condition called Pompe disease.

Is extraordinary measures a true story?

The film is about parents who form a biotechnology company to develop a drug to save the lives of their children, who have a life-threatening disease. The film is based on the true story of John and Aileen Crowley, whose children have Pompe’s disease.

Where is Megan Crowley today?

Megan has earned a BA from The University of Notre Dame and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in social work at UNC Chapel Hill.

What is the life expectancy of people with Pompe disease?

Life Expectancy in Late-Onset Pompe Disease Patients with LOPD experience muscle weakness and respiratory difficulties. If the condition starts in childhood, patients may survive up to the age of 30 years; if it starts in adulthood, they can live to 50 years of age.

Can Pompe disease be cured?

Medical Care. Unfortunately, no cure exists. However, Pompe disease has benefited from the introduction of enzyme replacement therapy (ERT), which, although expensive, is a major therapeutic advance.

What genetic disorder do the Crowley children have?

Venture capitalist John Crowley (played by Brendan Fraser) has two children with the neuromuscular disorder Pompe disease.

What disease do Megan and Patrick Crowley suffer from?

On a Friday the 13th some 20 years ago, 15-month-old Megan Crowley was diagnosed with Pompe disease. A few weeks later, so was her newborn brother, Patrick. Even the doctor who diagnosed the two children didn’t know much about the disease. Before that March day in 1998, he had never treated a patient with Pompe.

What genetic disorder did the Crowley children have?

Extraordinary Love. In 1998, John and Aileen Crowley learned when Megan was 15 months old that she had a rare genetic disorder called Pompe disease. They had no idea what it was, and in those early Internet days had to scramble for information.

Is Pompe always fatal?

Patients with either type of infantile-onset Pompe disease may have their lives prolonged with early detection and treatment. However, both of these types of Pompe disease often are fatal.

Can Pompe be fatal?

Pompe disease is a rare (estimated at 1 in every 40,000 births), inherited and often fatal disorder that disables the heart and skeletal muscles. It is caused by mutations in a gene that makes an enzyme called acid alpha-glucosidase (GAA).

Is Pompe disease fatal?

How is a person’s life affected by Pompe disease?

Most individuals with late-onset Pompe disease experience progressive muscle weakness, especially in the legs and the trunk, including the muscles that control breathing. As the disorder progresses, breathing problems can lead to respiratory failure.