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What type of wine is Entre-Deux-Mers?

What type of wine is Entre-Deux-Mers?

white Bordeaux wine
With its unique climate, blessed nature, and rich terroir, Entre-Deux-Mers is a homeland of numerous distinctive wines. The main grape varieties planted in the region are Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Muscadelle. Those varieties are used to produce both dry and sweet, white Bordeaux wine.

Where Entre-Deux-Mers Bordeaux?

Entre-Deux-Mers is a French region, well known as a Bordeaux wine growing region. The geographical area is situated between the rivers Garonne and Dordogne, and is bounded in the east by the border of the Gironde department and in the west by the Bec d’Ambès, the confluence of the Garonne and the Dordogne.

Why is it called Entre Deux Mers?

The name Entre-Deux-Mers comes from marée, the French word for tide. The two rivers are subject to the influence of ocean tides, and the region is thus entre deux marées, or “between two tides”.

Is Entre Deux Mers left or right bank?

We move north and east of Bordeaux to discover the appellations of the Right Bank (where merlot is king) and Entres-Deux-Mers (a white wine land).

What is the Left Bank side of Paris known for?

The Left Bank of Paris has six arrondissements, is known for jazz, the Latin quarter, and a long and historic string of writers, artists, and philosophers. In fact, it’s where they say that Paris “learned to think”.

What is the difference between Left Bank and Right Bank Bordeaux?

More specifically, the Right Bank is the area to the north of the Dordogne river and the Left Bank is the area directly south of the Garonne River, both of which feed into the Gironde estuary that meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Is Saint-Emilion left or Right Bank?

South of Bordeaux city centre, the Left Bank includes Pessac-Léognan and Graves, along with Sauternes and Barsac, famed for their sweet wines. The Right Bank’s most famous appellations are St-Emilion and Pomerol.