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What type of parser is ANTLR?

What type of parser is ANTLR?

ANTLR is a powerful parser generator that you can use to read, process, execute, or translate structured text or binary files. It’s widely used in academia and industry to build all sorts of languages, tools, and frameworks.

What is grammar in ANTLR?

Grammar in the context of Antlr. The grammar definition of Antlr is called a Lexicon because the grammar is used by the lexer (hence the lexer grammar) See: antlr/grammars-v4 for a list of existent grammar.

What is SQL parsing?

The SQL PARSE function is a Conversions Function used to convert the String data to the requested data type and returns the result as an expression. It is recommended to use this SQL PARSE function to convert the string data to either Date time, or Number type.


In computer-based language recognition, ANTLR (pronounced antler), or ANother Tool for Language Recognition, is a parser generator that uses LL(*) for parsing.

What language is ANTLR written in?

JavaANTLR / Programming language

Does ANTLR use Ebnf?

… use the EBNF syntax of the parser generator ANTLR. ANTLR’s EBNF syntax is illus- trated in Table 1 and discussed in detail in [5]. In [3] we provide a more detailed discus- sion of the design and implementation of the grammar, the parser, our test suites, and the performance gains and issues. …

How do I learn ANTLR?

What you need to do to get a parse tree:

  1. define a lexer and parser grammar.
  2. invoke ANTLR: it will generate a lexer and a parser in your target language (e.g., Java, Python, C#, JavaScript)
  3. use the generated lexer and parser: you invoke them passing the code to recognize and they return to you a parse tree.

What is lexer and parser in ANTLR?

ANTLR or ANother Tool for Language Recognition is a lexer and parser generator aimed at building and walking parse trees. It makes it effortless to parse nontrivial text inputs such as a programming language syntax.

How does SQL parser works?

SQL Parsing The parsing stage involves separating the pieces of a SQL statement into a data structure that other routines can process. The database parses a statement when instructed by the application, which means that only the application, and not the database itself, can reduce the number of parses.

What is parser in database?

A parser is a compiler or interpreter component that breaks data into smaller elements for easy translation into another language. A parser takes input in the form of a sequence of tokens, interactive commands, or program instructions and breaks them up into parts that can be used by other components in programming.

Is ANTLR context free?

In fact, there are context-free grammars that you can “specify” with ANTLR that it cannot process correctly, which is true of most parser generators. (For ANTLR, this includes grammars with indirect left recursion, ambiguity, arbitrary lookahead, etc.)

Why ANTLR is used?

ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition) is a tool for processing structured text. It does this by giving us access to language processing primitives like lexers, grammars, and parsers as well as the runtime to process text against them. It’s often used to build tools and frameworks.