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What type of insurance is Bupa?

What type of insurance is Bupa?

international health insurance
Bupa /buːpə/, legally British United Provident Association Limited, is an international health insurance and healthcare group with over 38 million customers worldwide.

Which medical insurance is best in Hong Kong?

Best expat medical insurance in Hong Kong

  1. Pacific Prime.
  2. Bupa.
  3. Cigna.
  4. Expat Insurance Hong Kong.
  5. Healthcare International.
  6. AXA Hong Kong.
  7. Aetna International.
  8. William Russell.

What does Bupa stand for?


Acronym Definition
BUPA British United Provident Association

How much does health insurance cost in Hong Kong?

The average cost for a health insurance plan for an adult around 30 years of age can be anywhere between 2,000 and 25,000 HKD (250 and 3,200 USD), depending on the details of your personal insurance plan.

What services does Bupa offer?

We have a range of products and services designed with your employees’ health and wellbeing in mind.

  • Health Insurance.
  • Health assessments.
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
  • Dental insurance.
  • Cash plans.
  • Private GPs & nurses.
  • Occupational health.
  • Flu vaccinations.

Who is Bupa owned by?

The company’s ultimate parent is The British United Provident Association Limited, a United Kingdom-based healthcare service provider.

How do I claim my BUPA?

  1. Register with myBupa. If you’ve already registered, simply log on.
  2. Select “Make a claim” from the menu options.
  3. Upload a copy of your invoice and/or receipt from your health practitioner or service provider.
  4. Upload a copy of a completed medical certificate if you are in the first 12 months of your cover.

What is VHIS Hong Kong?

The VHIS is an initiative of the Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau (FHB) which aims at regulating hospital insurance plans for individuals. The scheme is completely voluntary both for consumers and insurance companies.

Does HK have free healthcare?

The government simply provides healthcare for everyone at virtually no cost primarily through the public option, which includes services for not only HK citizens or permanent residents, but also nonpermanent residents.

What does a health insurance cover?

A health insurance plan offers comprehensive medical coverage against hospitalization charges, pre-hospitalization charges, post-hospitalization charges, ambulance expenses, etc. Additionally, it offers compensation in case of loss of income as a result of an accident. It doesn’t offer any add-on cover.

What services does BUPA offer?