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What type of drug is Percorten?

What type of drug is Percorten?

Directions: Percorten-V is a prescription medication that is commonly used by veterinarians in dogs for the treatment of Addison’s disease. Percorten-V is a corticosteroid used to treat conditions, such as Addison’s disease, in which the body does not produce enough of its own steroids.

What does Percorten treat?

As the first FDA-approved treatment for canine Addison’s disease* (hypoadrenocorticism), Percorten® -V (desoxycorticosterone pivalate injectable suspension) has a proven history of delivering life-saving results.

Is Percorten the same as Zycortal?

Percorten-V and Zycortal Suspension have the same active ingredient desoxycorticosterone pivalate, but are not interchangeable drugs.

What does Percorten-V do for dogs?

PERCORTEN-V prevents the life threatening hypotensive shock and pre-renal azotemia observed in animals suffering from hypoadrenocorticism.

How fast does Percorten work?

It is effective and effects can usually be seen within 24 to 48 hours. Improves life quality & expectancy in dogs & cats with Addison’s disease. Helps prevent electrolyte disturbances. Long-acting injection.

How is Percorten given?

Percorten-V is labeled for intramuscular injection but is often given subcutaneously in clinical practice. Zycortal is labeled for subcutaneous injection.

How long does it take Percorten to work?

Who manufactures Percorten?

Elanco Animal Health
Elanco Animal Health, manufacturer of Percorten-V (desoxycorticosterone pivalate injectable suspension), reported a manufacturing issue with the product.

How do I administer Percorten?

How do you use Percorten-V?

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Percorten-V is given under the skin (subcutaneously) or into the muscle (intramuscularly) every 20 to 30 days. Follow your veterinarian’s directions.

Can Percorten be given subcutaneously?

Percorten-V is labeled for intramuscular injection but is often given subcutaneously in clinical practice.

How do I give my dog a Percorten shot?

Why is there a shortage of Percorten?

“Elanco is experiencing a delay in production of Percorten-V due to the inability of our contract manufacturing facility to supply product,” according to the company’s website. “While we work diligently to resolve this delay, there is an interruption of product supply to veterinarians.