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What type of cocoa powder is bensdorp?

What type of cocoa powder is bensdorp?

Bensdorp cocoa is “Dutch-processed” to lower its acidity. The result is a rich flavor that shines through and a darker, more chocolatey color in baked treats. Ideal for all recipes calling for Dutch-process (a.k.a. European-style) cocoa. Great for sauces and icings, too.

What is bensdorp cocoa?

Bensdorp is specialized in the production of high-fat cocoa powders that produce that intense full-bodied chocolate flavor when baking rich cakes and pastries. They are also able to manufacture defatted cocoa powder for use in lighter products such as sponge cakes and meringue.

Is bensdorp cocoa powder Dutch processed?

Product Description. Bensdorp 22/24 Fat Dutched Cocoa Powder is a premium European unsweetened cocoa powder. This mahogany red cocoa powder is Dutch processed and high in fat. Dutch processing reduces the acidity of cocoa powder.

Where is bensdorp cocoa made?

Each single origin cocoa powder is made with a single variety of cocoa bean harvested in Ghana, the Dominican Republic, São Tomé, Tanzania or Cameroon.

Is bensdorp cocoa vegan?

Discover our Bensdorp cocoa powders 100% Vegan. This unique natural cocoa powder delivers a premium dark brown color combined with a delicious mild cocoa flavor with toasted nuts aroma and a hint of dried fruits.

Is bensdorp cocoa powder alkalized?

Alkalized powdered cocoa mass | Bensdorp.

Is bensdorp cocoa alkalized?

It is because they are made with black cocoa powder – which is very heavily alkalized.

Is bensdorp dark cocoa?

Bensdorp, a Barry Callebaut premium cocoa brand, has introduced Natural Dark, a 100% natural dark cocoa powder with a superior taste experience. In a consumer test the new Natural Dark cocoa powder was approved by consumers from all over the world.

What is bensdorp DSR?

Bensdorp DSR is a dutch treated cocoa powder from France. The intense chocolate flavor, delicious aroma, and fine powder made the Bensdorp DSR a best seller worldwide.