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What type of battery is a YTX12-BS?

What type of battery is a YTX12-BS?

Battery Details:

Battery Type: YTX12-BS
Battery Family: Fresh Pack, Maintenance Free
Voltage: 12
Capacity (10-HR): 10
Dimensions: 6 in. x 3 7⁄16 in. x 5 1⁄8 in.

What does BS mean on Yuasa Battery?

Bottle Supplied
Bottle Supplied (BS) – dry Conventional batteries are shipped with the electrolyte stored in a plastic container. The battery is filled with electrolyte from the container when it’s ready to be activated.

Are Yuasa good batteries?

Yuasa make the widest range of motorcycle batteries in the world, and they are made to the highest standards using only premium quality new materials. In fact Yuasa has many unique manufacturing processes to help it produce the best motorcycle batteries you can buy.

Is Yuasa YTX12-BS AGM?

Yuasa YTX12-BS 12v 10.5Ah 180A Motorcycle Battery for Motorcycles and Quad bikes. Yuasa LF Liquifix Gel batteries feature the latest AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology. Benefits include increased lifespan, and electrical performance, higher vibration resistance, and 100% leak and spill proof.

Who makes Yuasa Battery?

GS Yuasa Corporation
GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd is a subsidiary of the world renowned GS Yuasa Corporation, one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers and a global leader in quality and innovation. The GS Yuasa Group consists of 65 subsidiaries and 33 affiliates in countries throughout the world.

What is a BS battery?

The two letters after the hyphen signify the type of the battery, as in whether it is conventional or sealed. The BS means Battery Sealed. A sealed battery is one that’s filled with acid and sealed after filling.

Are Yuasa Batteries Chinese?

GS Yuasa Corporation (株式会社ジーエス・ユアサ コーポレーション, Kabushiki-gaisha GS Yuasa Kōporēshon) is a Kyoto-based Japanese company specializing in the development and production of lead acid and lithium-ion batteries, used in automobiles, motorcycles and other areas including aerospace and defense applications.

Are Yuasa batteries made in Japan?

Yuasa Batteries are proudly made in Australia, and are proud to partner with the Australian Made Campaign.