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What Sue calls Kurt?

What Sue calls Kurt?

And it’s really hurtful. Sue Sylvester : I’m sorry. I thought that was your name. As an apology, I’ll allow you to choose from the following nicknames: Gelfling, Porcelain, and Tickle-Me Doughface. Kurt Hummel : I guess I’ll go with Porcelain.

Is Sue Sylvester evil?

Played by Jane Lynch, Sue has captured audiences since the show first hit the small screen in 2009. With her ruthless, menacing antics and offensive one-liners, Sue, at first glance, is pure evil.

What happens to Sue Sylvester?

Sue’s Future On ‘Glee’ Revealed But even though Sue’s gone from the school (for now), she’s not gone from Glee. (Hooray!) Glee is nearly done filming season four and while Sue’s still not back [at McKinley High] yet, according to Jane, we’re going to see her as a fitness instructor at a 23-hour fitness center.

Is Sue evil Glee?

Sue is the main antagonist of Glee, and is often seen as the villainous teacher who likes to shake them up. On many occasions she, usually inadvertently, inspires Will.

Who married themselves in Glee?

Season Two, Episode Eight Burt and Carole announce their engagement to much of Kurt’s excitement, Kurt decides to plan the wedding and hire New Directions while Finn seems a little taken aback. Sue also decides to marry, but the thing is, she is marrying herself.

What happens in Glee episode Furt?

Glee club co-captain Rachel Berry convinces the glee club girls to have their boyfriends defend Kurt, but her boyfriend, Finn, refuses, and is still self centered about his position as quarterback.

Who is the father of Sue’s baby?

All or Nothing In the episode of Fondue For Two with Sue, Will and Brittany, it is revealed that Robin’s father is Michael Bolton, despite Sue’s attempt of initially denying it.

Who is the father of sues baby in Glee?

balladeer Michael Bolton
“I know the true identity of your baby’s celebrity father,” Brittany told Sue, who dismissed the comments of the blonde former Cheerio. Brittany then dropped the reveal – it’s ’80s power balladeer Michael Bolton.

Who does Sue Sylvester marry?

The 49-year-old celebrated her nuptials with Dr Lara Embry in an intimate reception in Sunderland, Massachusetts over the American Memorial Day weekend. The couple chose the location as Massachusetts was the first U.S. state to legalise lesbian marriage and Dr Embry, a psychologist, attended the nearby Smith college.

What episode does Sue marry herself?

Who did Sue Sylvester marry?

Who is Sue in Glee?

Sue was developed by Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan. For the show’s first four seasons, Sue is the track-suit wearing coach of the William McKinley High School cheerleading squad, and a ruthless bully to both students and faculty members alike.

What is the name of the girl from Glee with glee?

“Naya Rivera – Filled With Glee”. Starry Constellation Magazine. Archived from the original on September 8, 2009. Retrieved June 2, 2009. ^ Voss, Brandon (May 4, 2010). “Naya Rivera: Bring It On Bitch!”.

Who is Sue Sylvester’s sister in Glee?

In the episode ” Glee, Actually ” Sue breaks into her house and stocks it with presents and money. Millie tries to give it back, but Sue refuses to take it, so she brings Sue to the auditorium where the New Directions perform ” Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas ” for her. Jean Sylvester (Robin Trocki) is Sue Sylvester ‘s older sister.

Who are the actors in the Glee series?

The series has many supporting characters, including faculty members, students and relatives of the glee club members. Broadway stars including Idina Menzel, John Lloyd Young, Jonathan Groff, Phoebe Strole and Kristin Chenoweth have been featured in guest roles.