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What sizes do door kick plates come in?

What sizes do door kick plates come in?

Standard kickplate heights are 6″ and 8″. If you have a lot of room below your design panels, it’s really just your personal preference as to the size. If you want a custom width or height, contact us to order a custom kickplate.

Should I put a kick plate on my door?

Kick plates are not necessary but they are a great feature to protect the surface of the door. It will not only protect the finish of your door from scuff marks and scratches but it gives the door an additional little design touch, just make sure to choose one that complements the design of your door.

What are door kick plates for?

Door kick plates are a sheet of material attached to the bottom of your door to protect it from damage. They get their name from when people kick the door open when they have their hands full. So this is why you’ll see them in commercial and public buildings.

Can you put a kick plate on a steel door?

They are available in many different materials and sizes. With the right tools and technique, it’s no harder to install kick plates on steel doors than on those made of wood.

Do kick plates go inside or outside?

Kick plates are incredibly easy to use and can be installed inside and out – although, they’re usually installed outside. If your door opens the opposite way to what is standard, or is a swinging door, you may want to fix your kick plate to the inside of the door as well.

How tall should a door kick plate be?

Kick Plates are traditionally 6″ or 8″ in height. But as mentioned before, this can be down to personal preference. For a standard-sized door, a 6″ Kick Plate will suffice, but if you have a larger sized door, you should consider something taller like an 8″ Kick Plate.

Does a door kick plate go on the inside or outside?

How do you attach a kick plate?

Hold the kick plate in position and insert screws into the top and bottom holes at the center of the plate. Tighten the screws securely. Install the remainder of the screws, working out toward either edge of the plate. This procedure helps prevent warping of the plate so that it will install flat against the door.