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What size staples does a Swingline electric stapler use?

What size staples does a Swingline electric stapler use?

1/4″ staples
The staplers use S.F. ┬« 3 Premium Staples. Uses 1/4″ staples. Swingline┬« S.F.

Why is my Swingline stapler not working?

A manual Swingline stapler that jams on a regular basis is most likely using the wrong staples. Take out any staples that are jammed into the Swingline stapler by twisting them as you pull with a pair of needle nose pliers.

What size staples does the Optima 45 use?

Swingline┬« value pack includes the Optima 45 Electric Stapler, Optima High Capacity Staples and staple remover….About this product.

Attribute name Attribute value
Series or Collection Optima
Sheet Capacity 45
Staple Pack Size Each
Staple Size 3/8″

How much does an electric stapler cost?

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This item EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler – Lifetime Coverage by EcoElectronix – for Professional Daily Use – Staples and Power Cable Included – Full Strip Jam-Free Operation – 25-30 Sheet Max
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How do you fix a stapler that won’t staple?

If unable to shake the jammed staple out, try to staple a single sheet of paper while the unit is jammed. This could possibly force the jam outward, clearing the unit. If this does not work, try using any sizable tool or nearby accessory, try to fish out the jammed staple through the “front teeth” of the stapler.

Do electric staplers use regular staples?

Desktop staplers use standard office staples. Steel, chisel point staples will prevent staple jams and save you time and frustration. Electric staplers are perfect for busy offices that generate a lot of paperwork. Try using flat clinch staples that close flat and allow for neat, even paper stacks.

What kind of staples do electric staplers use?

Staples are same as STCR2115P. Packaged with 5,000 1/4″ staples. Although the B8E fires 1 staple per second the recommended stapling rate is 20 staples per minute. Stapler designed to staples from 2 to 45 sheets of 20 lb copy paper, mailing and shipping envelopes, and paper bags.