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What size are ultra ribbed Trojan condoms?

What size are ultra ribbed Trojan condoms?

Each Trojan Ultra Ribbed condom measures 8.12 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 1.27 inches in diameter, which is appropriate sizing for most males.

What does Trojan Ultra Ribbed do?

Trojan Stimulations Ultra Ribbed Spermicidal Condoms are designed with deep ribs to increase stimulation. These condoms have deep ribbing at the base and the end for an enhanced effect on both partners.

What size is Trojan Ultra fit?

7.09 – 7.87 in.
Length (In.) 7.09 – 7.87 in. Base Width (In.) 2.17 in.

Is Trojan Ultra Ribbed safe?

Featuring a special reservoir tip for extra safety, these ribbed condoms are triple-tested to ensure reliability and keep you protected from the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. By Trojan brand condoms, America’s #1 condom, trusted for over 100 years.

How long do Trojan Ultra Ribbed condoms last?

Latex and polyurethane They can last up to five years, and they’re more resilient than some other condoms in the face of wear and tear.

Do Trojan ribbed condoms break?

MOST PLEASUREFUL EXPERIENCE The ribs make the experience more pleasurable. These condoms have NEVER broken on us and they fit perfectly.

Are Trojan Magnum condoms big?

Magnum condoms are slightly larger than the standard Trojan condom. According to Condom Depot, Magnums measure 8.12 inches long with a width of 2.12 inches. By comparison, Trojan’s standard ENZ condom measures 7.62 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Why do condoms have dots?

Dotted condoms have specially designed raised dots on the outside to increase excitement and sensation exactly where you want it. Dotted, extra dotted are all variations of condoms. There are small rough patches dots made on the outer surface of the condom so that the female gets extra pleasure when the thing goes in.

What are ribbed condoms used for?

What are ribbed condoms? Ribbed condoms have little raised ridges running around them, which have been strategically placed to boost sensation during penetrative sex. Although you can get condoms with ribs only, you can also buy dotted condoms, or condoms that contain both ribs and dots.

Why are condoms dotted?

If you do not want to opt for the plain and boring condom type, you can try the dotted variant. These condoms have a dots-like pattern on them to increase the stimulation for more pleasure during sexual intercourse. Avoid using them if you have broken skin or very sensitive skin as it can lead to a rash.