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What size are differential cover bolts?

What size are differential cover bolts?

Bolt length is measured from the underside of the head (where a washer would sit) to the tip. If the bolts are metric, the length will be 21mm or 16mm. If the bolt is standard, the length will be 5/8 inch or 7/8 inch.

Can you reuse differential cover bolts?

Important: Do not reuse the rear axle housing cover bolts.

What is the difference between a 10 bolt and 12 bolt rear end?

First, the 10-bolt’s pinion shaft diameter is 1.438 (25 splines) while the 12-bolt is 1.625 (30 splines) which makes the 12-bolt 13 percent larger in diameter and therefore stronger.

How tight should differential cover bolts be?

Torque specifications vary depending on the material and grade of fastener, and the material of the diff cover itself. Follow the instructions that came with your cover, they will usually fall between 20-30 ft/lbs. ARB for example, recommends right around 25 ft/lbs for most applications.

How do you measure a differential cover?

Measure the ring gear diameter. The ring gear is the largest gear inside the differential housing and normally faces the driver’s-side rear wheel. Using a tape measure or machinist’s ruler, measure the ring gear diameter. This identifies the differential — a Ford 9-inch or GM 7.5-inch — for example.

Is a 12-bolt rear end good?

When the 12-bolt rearend is properly assembled, it’s the strongest passenger-vehicle rearend Chevy ever produced. GM engineers designed the 12-bolt to be a durable piece that could handle the torque output of its big displacement engines.

How can you tell if a 12-bolt is posi?

If you see springs in the window of the carrier, either coil springs like this or an S-shaped spring, it’s a Posi unit.

What is the torque specs for rear differential cover?

How do I know what size my rear end is?

Measure the diameter of the ring gear. This measurement equals the size of your rear end. Count how many bolts are on the inspection cover. If you have 10 bolts, then your Ford has a 7.5-inch or an 8.8-inch rear end.

Is a Ford 9-inch stronger than a 12-bolt?

A Ford’s 9-inch ring gear is larger than the 12-bolt’s 8.875-inch ring gear. The Ford’s larger ring gear plus its greater offset relative to the pinion results in a tooth contact area that’s slightly deeper than a 12-bolt’s, making the Ford marginally stronger.