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What should I feed my peacock cichlids?

What should I feed my peacock cichlids?

Provide a combination of high quality fish food flakes, live or frozen brine shrimp, algae wafers, and vegetables like blanched spinach and lettuce. Feed a pinch of food to peacock cichlids two or three times per day, ensuring enough food is available for two minutes of eating.

How many peacock cichlids should you keep together?

How many can be kept together: as many as the tank can support. If you keep males and females together, it’s best to keep 2 females for every 1 male. Or you can have an all male tank.

Are peacock cichlids good for beginners?

Though peacocks are not recommended for beginner fish keepers, they are an excellent choice for beginner cichlid keepers. They are relatively docile, easy to keep, and very hardy. Experienced aquarists also appreciate them for their captivating behavior and laidback temperament in community tanks.

Are bloodworms good for peacock cichlids?

Bloodworms are very high in protein, but low in fibre. So they should not be fed to your Peacocks too often.

Do Peacock cichlids need sand?

For cichlids, a sand substrate is considered the best. That’s because cichlids love to dig and move the sand around, and they exhibit the same behavior in nature which serves many purposes, such as scavenging for food or making nests for laying eggs.

Can Peacock cichlids eat brine shrimp?

Most other cichlids will eat frozen brine shrimp and frozen mysis shrimp. The AI Naturals Range of Frozen Foods contains both of these shrimp, as well as a Malawi Cichlid mix that has been specifically created to suit African cichlids.

How many times a day should I feed my cichlids?

The first-rank feeding time is twice per day, feeding what your cichlids can eat before sinking to the bottom of aquarium, and your fish will grow faster than once per day feeding. For grown cichlids, the occasionally fasting is advisable, like one day per week, which assists in regulating the metabolism.