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What should be the breaking strength of every guard wire according to IE Rule 88?

What should be the breaking strength of every guard wire according to IE Rule 88?

not less than 450 kg. not less than 350 kg.

What is the variation per ie rule of safety as the allowable frequency?

Detailed Solution. As per the Indian Electricity Rules 1956 (amended up to 25th Nov 2000), the permissible range for grid frequency is ± 3 % of nominal i.e. 48.5 Hz to 51.5 Hz.

What is IE rules for earthing?

Rule 90 is about earthing and states that all metal supports and metallic fittings should be permanently and efficiently earthed. Each stay-wire should be efficiently earthed or an insulator provided in it at a height not less than 3.0 m from the ground.

Which ie rule is related with danger notice?

35 of the Xndian Electricity Rules, 1956, the owner of every medium, high and extra high voltage installation is required to affix permanently in a conspicuous position a danger notice in Hindi or English and the local language of the district, with the sign of skull and bones and of a type approved by the Electrical …

What is IE Rule 79?

Section 79(1)(b) in The Indian Electricity Rules, 1956. (b) for pitched roof— (i) when the line passes above the building a vertical clearance of 2.5 metres immediately under the lines, and. (ii) when the line passes adjacent to the building a horizontal clearance of 1.2 metres.

What is IE Rule 30?

(1) The supplier shall ensure that all electric supply lines, wires, fittings and apparatus belonging to him or under his control, which are on a consumer’s premises, are in a safe condition and in all respects fit for supplying energy and the supplier shall take due precautions to avoid danger arising on such premises …

What is the permissible tolerance to low and medium voltage according to IE Rule 1956?

Detailed Solution. As per IE rules the permissible variation of voltage at the consumer end is upto ±6%. In case of low or medium voltage i.e. upto 33 kV , the permissible variation of voltage is ±6% to ±9%. In case of high voltage supply i.e. more than 33 kV, the permissible variation of voltage is more than ±9%.

What is the medium voltage level as per ie Rule 28?

-Medium Voltage: Not exceeding 650 V. -High Voltage: Not exceeding 33000 V. However, it may be noted that the IE Rules have now been superseded by the Central Electricity Authority (Measures Relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010 and the above definition is removed in the CEA Regulations, 2010.

What is IE Rule 33?

(1) The supplier shall provide and maintain on the consumer’s premises for the consumer’s use a suitable earthed terminal in an accessible position at or near the point of commencement of supply as defined under rule 58: Provided that in the case of medium, high or extra-high voltage installation the consumer shall, in …

What is IE Rule 80?

Section 80(2) in The Indian Electricity Rules, 1956. (2) The horizontal clearance between the nearest conductor and any part of such building shall, on the basis of maximum deflection due to wind pressure, be not less than— (a) for high voltage lines upto and including 11,000 volts 1.2 metres.

What is Rule No 35 ie 1956?

(a) every motor, generator, transformer and other electrical plant and equipment together with apparatus used for controlling or regulating the same; (b) all supports of high and extra-high voltage overhead lines which can be easily climb-upon without the aid of ladder or special appliances; Explanation.

Which ie rule comes under material strength?

Overhead line conductors to have a material strength of not less than 350 kg. In case of low voltage, a conductor of not less than 150 kg may be used.