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What should a 20 month old toddler be doing?

What should a 20 month old toddler be doing?

At 20 months, your child may be able to run. She may also go up stairs by herself but need some help on the way down. She’s probably still working on throwing a ball overhand, kicking a ball forward, and jumping – skills she’s likely to master by age 2.

What words should a 20 month old say?

A typical 20-month-old has a spoken vocabulary of about 12-15 words, though many children have far more. But even if your child isn’t talking in simple sentences yet, she likely understands many more words than she can say.

Should I be worried if my 20 month old isn’t talking?

A 20 month old not talking at all can be the start of warning bells ringing. Delayed speech in toddlers may simply be delayed speech. However, for another 20 month old not talking it could be the first red flag that their development needs to be reviewed by a speech pathologist or a health professional.

What social skills should a 20 month old have?

Social-Emotional Skills: Cooperation and following directions, when he listens to his mother’s instructions while getting dressed. Coping with frustration, as he works to put on socks. Patience and learning to wait, both important for learning self-control, when he has to leave his toys to get dressed.

What do you do with a 20 month old all day?

Activities for your 20 month old toddler.

  • Nature stew.
  • Floral fun.
  • Potato Stamping.
  • Flying obstacle course.
  • Playing with balls.
  • Finger paint.
  • Cup hide and seek.
  • Does TV cause speech delay?

    This study by Chonchaiya and Pruksananonda found that children who began watching tv before 12 months and who watched more than 2 hours of TV per day were six times more likely to have language delays!

    How do I teach my 20 month old the alphabet?

    Today, I’m sharing 9 ways to help teach the alphabet to your toddler!

    1. #1. Play With Alphabet Toys.
    2. #2. Repetition is Key!
    3. #3. Alphabet Learning Activities.
    4. #4. Begin With Uppercase Letters.
    5. #5. Read Letter Books.
    6. #6. Watch Educational Videos.
    7. #7. Focus On A Few Letters.
    8. #8. Don’t Overdo It.

    What time should 20 month old go to bed?

    Most toddlers are ready for bed between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm. This is a good time, because they sleep deepest between 8 pm and midnight. It’s important to keep the routine consistent on weekends as well as during the week.