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What sections are covered at centurylink field?

What sections are covered at centurylink field?

Shaded and Covered Seating at Lumen Field You can easily find covered seats in the following areas: Sections 203 and 204 in rows A and above. Section 115 in rows PP and above. Sections 103 in rows Z and above.

What is CHR Seahawks?

Charter Seats at Lumen Field refer to seats in the 100s and 300s that are commonly sold in season ticket packages for Seahawks games. This includes all sideline sections on the lower level and the first five rows of sideline sections in the upper deck.

Is Lumen Field covered?

The roof, at 200,000 sq ft (19,000 m2), covers 70% of the seats but leaves the field open. The roof spans 720 ft (220 m) between concrete pylon supports at the north and south ends of the stadium. Its two expansive sections are held from below by trusses.

What are club seats at Lumen Field?

Delta Sky360 Club seats are located on the Club Level between the 200 and 300 Levels of the stadium and offer premium views of the game from a variety of angles. Club members are provided with luxury amenities, such as lounge and Club Loft access, theater seating, and concierge service.

What are the best seats at CenturyLink Field?

The best seats at CenturyLink Field are located closest to Mid Field in sections 108-110, 208-210, 134-136, and 234-236. If you are sitting the 100 level you want to make sure you sit above row 10 so you have enough height to see the entire field.

Does CenturyLink have a retractable roof?

The configuration of CenturyLink Field is a U-shape with an open north end to provide views of downtown Seattle and the large north plaza. The large retractable roof of Safeco Field along with Mount Rainier to the southeast can be seen from the partially open south end.

How many seats are in a Lumen Field?

72,000Lumen Field / Capacity

Where is the Hawks Nest at Lumen Field?

A 13-story tower with a scoreboard at the top and 3,000 bleacher seats at the base, known as the “Hawk Nest,” is located on the north side. Lumen Field was the first stadium to have luxury suites on the field directly behind the north endzone that provides an in-your-face experience.

Why is Lumen Field so loud?

“It’s a metal roof so it naturally is a very reflective surface. As is the seating bowl which is largely concrete. So there are a lot of those materials that are serving as sound mirrors, if you will, and bouncing the sound right back. …

How much did Lumen Field cost?

$ 360 million
Lumen Field

Capacity 68 740
Other names Seahawks Stadium (2002–2004), Qwest Field (2004–2011), CenturyLink Field (2011–2020)
Inauguration 28/07/2002
Construction 2000-2002
Cost $ 360 million

Are Hawks Nest seats good?

Despite bleacher-style seating with no chairbacks, the Hawks Nest is considered by many fans to be among the best tickets at Lumen Field due to the presence of diehard fans and great gameday energy.

What happened CenturyLink Field?

Following a September 2020 rebrand to Lumen Technologies, the Seahawks and Lumen announced today that the Seattle stadium will be renamed Lumen Field. This new name is pending approval later today by the Washington State Public Stadium Authority, the Washington State public corporation owner of the stadium.