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What season is hook line and sinner?

What season is hook line and sinner?

sixth season
Hook, Line and Sinner is the twentieth episode of the sixth season and the 122nd overall episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

What episode of GREY’s Anatomy was Chris Evans in?

Hook, Line and Sinner.

What show links with GREY’s anatomy?

Private Practice is an American medical drama television series that aired on ABC from September 26, 2007, to January 22, 2013. A spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy, the series takes place at Seaside Health & Wellness Center (formerly Oceanside Wellness Group) and chronicles the life of Dr.

What happens Season 6 Episode 20 GREY’s anatomy?

Episode Info Mark, Teddy, Callie and Arizona help Sloan deliver her baby; the doctors treat a crab boat captain who was stabbed with a giant shark hook.

Why was Teddy sneezing?

Before we could absorb that too much, though, more pressing matters were at hand: Teddy sneezed during the hook man’s surgery, which did some serious internal damage at a critical moment.

What happens in season 6 Episode 19 of GREY’s anatomy?

Aaron gets accidentally educated about Alex’s life in the last seven years – including his marriage and impending divorce to Izzy. This causes an outburst between the brothers. Alex goes to visit his brother after the surgery. Aaron asks him why he left – especially because when they were younger they were so close.

Was Chris Evans in the office?

Chris Evans reveals his love for Jim and Pam from The Office and fans’ excitement knows no bounds. Chris Evans headed to the micro-blogging platform to speak about the episode of the sitcom in which Jim and Pam are trying their hand at a long-distance relationship and are having an ‘off day’.

Do you watch Station 19 or Greys first?

The two-hour crossover event begins with Station 19 airing from 8:00-9:00 p.m ET on ABC, followed by Grey’s Anatomy airing from 9:00-10:00 p.m ET on ABC.

Is GREY’s and Station 19 a crossover?

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 have had multiple crossover events, allowing characters to appear in either series for a storyline or cameo appearance. Since the debut of Station 19 during the 14th season of Grey’s Anatomy, several crossover events between the two series have occurred.