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What root vegetables are high in potassium?

What root vegetables are high in potassium?

Vegetables high in potassium include beet greens, lima beans, Swiss chard, potatoes, acorn squash, spinach, bok choy, mushrooms, tomatoes, and, sweet potatoes.

What vegetables are good for high-potassium?

High-potassium vegetables:

  • Acorn squash, butternut squash, Hubbard squash.
  • Avocado.
  • Artichoke.
  • Beets.
  • Baked beans, black beans, refried beans.
  • Broccoli (cooked)
  • Brussels sprouts.
  • Kohlrabi.

Which 2 vegetables contain more potassium than bananas?

You’ll get about 150 milligrams from a cup of cooked spinach or Swiss chard. Besides those two standouts, other good magnesium sources are dark leafy greens such as collard greens and kale. Bonus: They’re also loaded with calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamins A, C, and K. The vegetables don’t all have to be leafy.

What are the top 10 foods high in potassium?

Below is a list of 10 high-potassium foods:

  • Bok choy, 1 cup cooked (630 mg)
  • Potato, medium (610 mg)
  • White beans, 1/2 cup (600 mg)
  • Beets, 1 cup (520 mg)
  • Brussels sprouts, 1 cup cooked (500 mg)
  • Broccoli, 1 cup cooked (460 mg)
  • Cantaloupe, 1 cup (430 mg)
  • Banana, 1 medium (420 mg)

Are carrots high potassium?

Medium-potassium foods (50 to 200 mg per serving): ½ cup of fresh or cooked carrots (180)

Are sweet potatoes high in potassium?

Potassium-rich foods include a variety of fruits and vegetables: spinach, tomatoes, oranges, lima beans and broccoli, to name a few. Topping the list are sweet potatoes. One sweet potato contains nearly 700 mg of potassium, approximately 15 percent of the recommended daily amount.

Is ginger high in potassium?

As mentioned, ginger is not a high source of potassium, phosphorus, or sodium. If you need to follow a low potassium diet, this article may be helpful. Fresh and dried/ground ginger can be included in the diet. Dried ginger has the most antioxidant value.

Is Onion high in potassium?

Onions: Another great way to add flavor to any food, onions have health benefits, too. They are low in potassium and rich in flavonoids–a powerful antioxidant that can help reduce heart disease and protect against cancer.

Are onions high in potassium?

Is Ginger high in potassium?

What vegetables are high in potassium?

See also our list of low potassium vegetables for more ideas. Vegetables high in potassium include beet greens, lima beans, Swiss chard, potatoes, acorn squash, spinach, boy choy, mushrooms, tomatoes, and, sweet potatoes. The current daily value (%DV) for potassium is 4700mg, recently increased from 3,500mg by the FDA.

What are the best sources of potassium?

Avoid dishes like spinach and artichoke dip, even though both spinach and artichokes are good sources of potassium, the high fat content cancels out the benefits. 6. Portobello Mushrooms: 364mg Potassium (10% DV) You can’t go wrong by going with portobello mushrooms when you’re looking to increase your potassium.

Which mushrooms are high in potassium?

Other Mushrooms High in Potassium 1 8% DV per cup of cremini mushrooms 2 7% DV per cup of portobello mushrooms 3 6% DV per cup of chantarelle mushrooms 4 6% DV per cup of morel mushrooms 5 4% DV per cup of shiitake mushrooms More

What are the 15 types of tuber vegetables?

Total 15 crops found in category Tuber vegetables. 1) Air potato. 2) American groundnut. 3) Arrowleaf elephant ear. 4) Cassava. 5) Chufa sedge. 6) Elephant foot yam. 7) Jerusalem artichoke. 8) Jicama.