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What regiments were in the battle of the bulge?

What regiments were in the battle of the bulge?

Units involved in initial assault

  • 102nd Cavalry Group, Mechanized.
  • 9th Infantry Regiment / 2nd Infantry Division.
  • 395th Infantry Regiment / 99th Infantry Division.
  • 23rd Infantry Regiment / 2nd Infantry Division.
  • 38th Infantry Regiment / 2nd Infantry Division.
  • 393rd Infantry Regiment / 99th Infantry Division.

How many regiments are in a panzer division?

The armored (Panzer) division now numbered 14,750 men and had about 160 tanks. The division was organized into an armored regiment with two tank battalions and 2 regiments of infantry, each with 2 battalions, along with various supporting units (reconnaissance, engineer, signal, etc.).

What were German grenadiers?


  • Grenadier is the lowest rank (OR-1) in the Heeresanteil (en: army part) of the Bundeswehr Wachbataillon (en: Bundeswehr guard battalion).
  • Furthermore, in German Heer Panzergrenadier (en: armoured grenadier) is the lowest rank (OR-1) of the Panzergrenadieretruppe (en: mechanized infantry).

What army unit was in the Battle of the Bulge?

the 101st Airborne Division
Members of the 101st Airborne Division, armed with bazookas, are on guard for enemy tanks on the road leading to Bastogne. The Battle of the Bulge was costly for the Airborne.

Which infantry Division fought in the Battle of the Bulge?

The 101st Airborne Division is shown as encircled in Bastogne with three German infantry division and one panzer division deployed around the town. The distinct bulge in the American front lines that gave the battle its name has formed.

Did panzer divisions have infantry?

Panzer divisions had their own organic infantry and artillery support. This led to a change in operational doctrine: instead of the tanks supporting operations by other arms, the tanks led operations, with other arms supporting them.

Which panzer divisions had tigers?

A German heavy tank battalion (German: “schwere Panzerabteilung”, short: “s PzAbt”) was a battalion-sized World War II tank unit of the German Army (1935–1945), equipped with Tiger I, and later Tiger II, heavy tanks.

Why are grenadiers called grenadiers?

A grenadier (from French, derived from the word grenade) was originally a specialized soldier, first established as a distinct role in the mid-to-late 17th century, for the throwing of grenades and sometimes assault operations. At that time grenadiers were chosen from the strongest and largest soldiers.

Did grenadiers carry grenades?

Grenades were never part of a grenadier’s personal equipment and arms in the same way that swords or muskets commonly were. Instead they were treated as ammunition and issued to the troops when required for combat or training.

What was the strongest division in ww2?

These are my choices for the top 10 Army Divisions in World War II starting from #10 to #1.

  • #8 – 11th Armored Division.
  • #7 – 11th Airborne Division.
  • #6 – 81st Infantry Division.
  • #5 – 101st Airborne Division.
  • #4 – 7th Infantry Division.
  • #3 – 3rd Infantry Divisions.
  • #2 – 1st Infantry Division.
  • #1 – 32nd Infantry Division.

Why are the grenadier Guards called that?

At the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the regiment gained the name “Grenadier” in July 1815 following a Royal Proclamation, honouring their part in defeating Grenadiers of the French Imperial Guard at the Battle of Waterloo, thereby becoming the 1st (or Grenadier) Regiment of Foot Guards.

What were the panzergrenadier regiments in WW1?

The Panzergrenadier-Regiment 382 and 433 were converted from the Infanterie-Regiment 382 and 433 with the original division, respectively. Creation of the Panzergrenadier-Regiment Afrika, 160 and 165 for North Africa Campaign.

What was the Panzergrenadier-Regiment 125 in Heerestruppen?

The Panzergrenadier-Regiment 125 was converted from Infanterie-Regiment 125 in Heerestruppen. The Panzergrenadier-Regiment 382 and 433 were converted from the Infanterie-Regiment 382 and 433 with the original division, respectively.

What were the divisions of Panzergrenadier Division?

Panzer-Division included Panzer-Regiment 202, Panzergrenadier-Regiment 9 and 67, and Artillerie-Regiment (mot.) 93.

What is the difference between armored and motorized Panzer Grenadier Battalion?

However, armored panzer grenadier battalion rode on half-track SdKfz 251 SPW and definitely enjoyed better mobility and protection than motorized panzer grenadier battalion. The SPW also became an ideal platform to mount various supportive weapons, such as heavy MG ( SdKfz 251/1S) and 8 cm heavy mortar ( SdKfz 251/2).