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What protocol is used for SSH?

What protocol is used for SSH?

SSH usually runs over TCP. That being said, RFC 4251 specifies that SSH transmission layer protocol “might also be used on top of any other reliable data stream”. SSH protocol’s default settings are to listen on TCP port 22 for connections.

Is SSH a Layer 4 protocol?

SSH, or Secure Shell, is a network protocol that allows one computer to securely connect to another computer over an unsecured network, like the internet, by having a shared agreement of how to communicate. SSH is an application layer protocol, which is the 7th layer of the OSI model.

What is the difference between SSH and sshv2?

SSH2 is a more secure, efficient, and portable version of SSH that includes SFTP, which is functionally similar to FTP, but is SSH2 encrypted. SSH2 key authentication is a feature that Aruba Networks currently does not support and you need to use X509 certificates for authentication.

What is SSH1 and SSH2?

SSH1 and SSH2 encrypt at different parts of the packets, and SSH1 uses server and host keys to authenticate systems where SSH2 only uses host keys. SSH2 is a complete rewrite of the protocol, and it does not use the same networking implementation that SSH1 does. Also, SSH2 is more secure.

What is difference between SSL and SSH?

The key difference between SSH vs SSL is that SSH is used for creating a secure tunnel to another computer from which you can issue commands, transfer data, etc. On the other end, SSL is used for securely transferring data between two parties – it does not let you issue commands as you can with SSH.

Does SSH use TLS?

SSH is generally a tool for technicians, and SSL/TLS is a mechanism for securing websites that is transparent to the user. Of course, these two are not mutually exclusive. SSH may use SSL/TLS as part of its secure solution. There are a variety of possible implementations for these versatile protocols.

Is RSA an SSH2?

Where as SSH2 supports RSA (ssh-rsa) and DSA (ssh-dss). Current SBI SFTP server implementation is over SSH2 protocol SFTP version 3.

How many versions of SSH are there?

There are mainly two versions of SSH protocol. The initial version was SSH-1, which was released in July 1995. In 2006, IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) published RFCs for a revised version of the SSH protocol SSH-2 as the standard. The two versions of SSH, SSH-1 and SSH-2 are not compatible.

Is SSH1 secure?

SSH v1 (Secure Shell) provides an encrypted channel to users for logging into remote device. It provides strong host-to-host and user authentication. It also provides secure encrypted communications over the Internet.

Does SSH use TLS or SSL?

SSH vs SSL/TLS – Differences Between both Security Protocols

SSH (Secure Shell) SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Socket Layer)
SSH is working based on network tunnels. SSL is working based on digital certificates.
SSH is a remote protocol SSL is a security protocol

Is SSH more secure than SSL?