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What polarity is correct for 6013?

What polarity is correct for 6013?

6013 electrodes may be used in any position with AC or DC (straight or reverse polarity). recommended.

What position is 6013 welding rod?

6011 vs. 6013 Electrodes

Electrodes 6011 6013
Welding Position All Positions All Positions
Welding Current AC/DC AC/DC
Arc Characteristics Tight, Erratic Smooth
Penetration Deep Shallow to Medium

Is a 6013 Rod AC or DC?

Other AC welding rods include 6013, 7018 and 7024. The 6013 rods are all-position AC or DC polarity for welding new, clean sheet metal applications because they penetrate less but don’t burn through the metal. The 7018 welding rods are used for pipe welding and structural steel welding and repair welding.

Do you run this rod DCEP positive or negative or DCEN?

So, for a majority of stick welding, Positive polarity (DCEP) is the best route. Most rods are designed with this polarity in mind, and that won’t change anytime soon. The 6010 rod, a very commonly used electrode, is used with DCEP setup.

Is a 6013 electrode positive?

Therefore, set the E6013 for electrode positive at a given heat input; ie… amperage, voltage and travel speed.

What kind of welding rod is 6013?

6013 Welding Rods Industrial 6013 welding sticks are used for alternating and direct current applications where the maximum tensile strength is 60,000 psi. The 6013 electrode is best used for light to medium penetration on thin or sheet metal pieces.

What welding rods are DC?

E6010 electrodes can only be used with direct current (DC) power sources. They deliver deep penetration and the ability to dig through rust, oil, paint and dirt. Many experienced pipe welders use these all-position electrodes for root welding passes on a pipe.

What is a 6013 rod used for?

6013 Welding Rods The 6013 electrode is best used for light to medium penetration on thin or sheet metal pieces. 6013 electrodes are commonly used in manufacturing truck frame bodies, metal furniture, storage tanks, farm implementations, or where aesthetics are of grave importance.

Is 6010 DCEP or DCEN?

6011 runs on AC and direct current electrode positive (DCEP), while 6010 runs only on DCEP.

Is DCEP reverse polarity?

DCEP stands for Direct Current Electrode Positive or Direct Current Reverse Polarity. In this process, you connect the base metal to the negative terminal of the power source and the electrode to the positive terminal.