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What percentage of the population is deaf in India?

What percentage of the population is deaf in India?

The 2011 Indian census cites roughly 1.3 million people with “hearing impairment.” Contrast that to numbers from India’s National Association of the Deaf, which estimates that 18 million people — roughly 1 percent of the Indian population — are deaf.

What percentage of hearing loss is legally deaf in India?

It is photo-illustrated and has interesting historical facts, such as in 1920 there were 10 schools for the deaf in India. In India, 63 million people (6.3%) suffer from significant auditory loss. Four in every 1000 children suffer from severe to profound hearing loss….

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What are the statistics of being deaf?

Across all age groups, approximately 600,000 people in the United States (0.22% of the population, or 2.2 per 1,000) are “deaf;” more than half are over 65 years of age. About 6,000,000 people (2.2%) report having “a lot of trouble” hearing with, again, more than half over 65 years of age.

How many people are deaf and mute in India?

As per the 2011 Indian Census there are 1.3 million people with hearing impairment but on the other hand the India’s National Association of the Deaf estimates that 18 million people or close to 1 per cent of the Indian population are deaf or suffer from hearing loss.

WHO report on deafness in India?

Hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit in humans today. As per WHO estimates in India, there are approximately 63 million people, who are suffering from Significant Auditory Impairment; this places the estimated prevalence at 6.3% in Indian population.

What are the 4 levels of deafness?

Levels of deafness

  • mild (21–40 dB)
  • moderate (41–70 dB)
  • severe (71–95 dB)
  • profound (95 dB).

What is 40% hearing disability?

Catetory Degree of Impairment Hearing in %
I Mild Hearing Impairment Less
II (a) Moderate Hearing Impairment 40%
II (b) Severe Hearing Impairment 51%
III (a) Profound Hearing Impairment 71%

What country has the highest deaf population?

Still, Russia tops the list of countries with the highest rate of hearing loss.

Where is the largest deaf community in the world?

India is the largest of the eight countries that make up South Asia. This would imply the largest deaf population as well, but statistics are unclear. The National Association of the Deaf (affiliated with the World Federation of the Deaf) puts the number of Indians affected with hearing loss at 18 million.

What does 40 percent hearing loss mean?

25-40 dB. Difficulty hearing and understanding quiet/soft conversations, especially situations with a lot of background noise (restaurants, classrooms, etc.) Moderate Hearing Loss. 40-60 dB. Difficulty understanding speech, higher volume levels are required for hearing TV and radio.

Is there any cure for deafness?

Once damaged, your auditory nerve and cilia cannot be repaired. But, depending on the severity of the damage, sensorineural hearing loss has been successfully treated with hearing aids or cochlear implants. There is, however, the possibility that your hearing loss isn’t reversible.