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What P number is Incoloy 825?

What P number is Incoloy 825?

P No. Base Metal
44 Nickel Moly:- Hastelloy C22, C276
45 Nickel Chrome :- Incoloy 800, 825
46 Nickel Chrome Silicone
47 Nickel Chrome Tungstone

What is incoloy material?

Incoloy products are mostly chromium-based and mostly nickel-based, and designed for corrosion resistance as well as strength at high temperatures. Incoloy alloys belong to the category of super austenitic stainless steels.

What is incoloy used for?

Applications, where Incoloy alloys are used, are as follows: heat-treating equipment, chemical and petrochemical processing, power plants, industrial furnaces, oil, and gas well piping, nuclear fuel reprocessing, acid production, pickling equipment.

Is Incoloy 825 stainless steel?

Description of Incoloy 825 It is the high level of nickel in combination with the amount of molybdenum and copper in this nickel alloy produces substantially improved corrosion resistance in a corrosive environment such as reducing environments compared to stainless steel.

What P number is Inconel?

Base Metals: The P Number

P Number Base Metal
42 Nickel, Copper – (Monel 500)
43 Nickel, Chromium, Iron – (Inconel) (C22, C276, X)
44 Nickel, Molybdenum – (Hastelloy B2)
45 Nickel, Chromium, Si

Is Incoloy stainless steel?

Incoloy® metal products are superalloys that are composed of a nickel-iron-chromium base and can resist both carbonization and oxidization in high temperature settings. Incoloy® metal alloys are easy to fabricate, utilizing the same machines and processes as stainless steel.

Is Incoloy and Inconel the same?

Composition is the most critical difference between these two superalloys. Inconel is a predominantly nickel-chrome alloy containing 50% of nickel. Incoloy is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with less than 50% nickel. Other differences between these alloys are their specific applications and suitability.

What is the difference between Inconel and Incoloy?

What is an Incoloy heating element?

Composed of nickel, iron and chromium, Incoloy® is widely used for its ability and strength to withstand high temperatures, resist oxidation and other types of high temperature corrosion.