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What new maps are in Modern Warfare?

What new maps are in Modern Warfare?

The two new maps are Drainage and Al-Raab Airbase. Drainage takes place in a massive sewer runoff area, complete with dozens of concrete barricades and giant pipes that make up the map’s cover.

How many maps are in Modern Warfare 2021?

And some tips for dominating them all. There are a whopping 23 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps to be thrown into in Multiplayer in Infinity Ward’s latest instalment, ranging from gigantic Ground War play spaces to a mostly vacant Piccadilly Circus.

What are the new maps in Modern Warfare Season 4?

Modern Warfare Season 4 Maps. The new maps so far are Scrapyard, the reimagined MW2 classic is now being added to 6v6 and Barakett Promenade is now available in Ground War. Trench, a new Gunfight map, has also been added.

What are the three new maps for Modern Warfare?

These new Modern Warfare maps happen to be the most trending topics amongst gamers recently. The three maps that have been included are Killhouse, Al-Raab Airbase (6v6), and Drainage (gunfight). The Killhouse map has also managed to get its own 24/7 playlist also.

Will Warzone have a new map?

Want to know more about the new Warzone map? Sledgehammer Games’ WWII themed release will integrate with Warzone in December 2021, introducing new weapons, vehicles, and a brand new WWII map set to replace ’80s Verdansk. The new map is called Caldera, and it’s going to launch with Vanguard and Warzone Season 1.

What map is Petrov oil rig from?

Console Codename (PC) Petrov Oil Rig is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that was released as part of the Season Five content for the game.

Will Verdansk come back?

The Return of Verdansk For instance, Raven Software, the lead development studio behind Warzone, stated that Verdansk will not return in 2022. Furthermore, the firm explained that the ‘current system cannot support map rotations’.

Will Cold War have a season 6?

The Black Ops – Cold War: Warzone Season 6 release date is Thursday, October 7th.

Does Warzone get a new map?

Vanguard will be integrated into the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War ecosystem, but this time, the mega-popular battle royale will be getting a new map called “Caldera” that will launch in December 2021.

What is mayhem 24 7 Vanguard?

Mayhem is the name of the game in the latest Multiplayer map launching alongside Season Three of Call of Duty®: Vanguard on April 27. This small map offers constant engagements and epic set pieces as you stomp around like a monster set loose in the city.

Is Killhouse a new map?

Modern Warfare’s content lifecycle was set to end in November 2020 with the release of Cold War, but as part of Warzone’s mid-Season 2 update, Activision treated fans to three new maps: Killhouse, Al-Raab Airbase, and Drainage. Classic Call of Duty 4 map Killhouse has been added to Modern Warfare!