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What nationality is the name Witek?

What nationality is the name Witek?

The surname Witek was first found in Bohemia, where the name first reached the region through Germany. The personal names Vitoslav and Vitomir were common in this region during the Middle Ages; the progenitor of the surname was likely the son of someone known as Vito.

What nationality is laudenslager?

Laudenslager Name Meaning Americanized spelling of German Lautenschläger (see Lautenschlager).

What nationality is ramnarine?

Ramnarine is a surname of Indian origin. Notable people with the surname include: Dinanath Ramnarine (born 1975), Trinidadian cricketer.

What does the last name Oliveros mean?

Spanish: habitational name for someone from Oliva de la Frontera, in Badajoz province. Similar surnames: Oliver, Olivera, Oliveros, Oliveto, Oliviero, Oliveras, Olivo.

Is Witek a Polish name?

Meaning and Origin of: Witek Polish : from the personal name Wit, a short form ofWitold, a derivative of Lithuanian Vytautas, a compound of vyti ‘to guide’ + tauta ‘the people’. Polish : from a pet form of another personal name Wit with a different etymology, namely a derivative of Latin Vitus, from vita’life’.

What does Lautenschlager mean?

German and Alsatian (usually Lautenschläger): occupational name for a player on the lute, Middle High German lutenslaher.

What does the surname laudenslager mean?

This surname of LAUDENSLAGER was of two-fold origin. It was an occupational name for a player on the lute. The name was originally derived from the word LUT, and is also spelt LUTHER, LEUTHER, LUTTER, LUTHIER, LUTERAND, LAUTERO, LAUTE, LAUTENSCHLAGER and LAUDENSLAYER.

What is the meaning of Ramnarine?

Ramnarine Name Meaning Name found among people of Indian origin in Guyana and Trinidad: from a variant of the Indian personal name Ramnarayan, from Sanskrit rama ‘pleasing’, name of an incarnation of the god Vishnu + naraya?na (see Narayan).