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What motorcycle was in Bad News Bears?

What motorcycle was in Bad News Bears?

Harley Davidson SS125
Bad News Bears (1976): Harley Davidson SS125. Kelly Leak (Jackie Earle Haley) rides a Harley Davidson SS125, terrorizing the ball field and impressing the ladies.

How old was Kelly Leak in The Bad News Bears?

14 years old
You might not recognize the name Jackie Earle Haley, but you may remember his face. In 1976, at only 14 years old, Haley shot to stardom as rebel Kelly Leak opposite Tatum O’Neal in “The Bad News Bears.”

Who was the kid that rode the motorcycle in Bad News Bears?

Jackie Earle Haley
His earliest roles included Moocher in Breaking Away (1979) and Kelly Leak in The Bad News Bears (1976), The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (1977) and The Bad News Bears Go to Japan (1978)….

Jackie Earle Haley
Children 2

What number was Kelly Leak Bad News Bears?

Bad News Bears Jersey The number of Kelly Leak and Tanner Boyle is #3 and #12, separately.

What was the Harley Davidson in The Bad News Bears?

The Bad News Bears movie was released in 1976 and starred Jackie Earle Haley who played Kelly Leak, a rebellious teenager who smoked cigarettes and rode a 1975 Harley Davidson Z90. The Z90 was powered by a 90cc, single cylinder, 2 stroke engine with a 4 speed transmission.

Who played Kelly Leak?

20th Century Fox Fans of “Breaking Away” (1979) might remember Jackie Earle Haley as Moocher. In this photo, he’s the second guy from the left, posing with co-stars Dennis Christopher, Daniel Stern and Dennis Quaid. He also played Kelly Leak in “The Bad News Bears” (1976).

How old is Jackie Haley?

60 years (July 14, 1961)Jackie Earle Haley / Age

How tall is Jackie Earle?

5′ 5″Jackie Earle Haley / Height

Who is Kelly leek?

Jackie Earle Haley as Kelly. Kelly Leak is the local troublemaker who smokes and rides a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He also is the best athlete in the neighborhood.

Is Jackie Earle Haley married?

Amelia CruzJackie Earle Haley / Spouse (m. 2004)