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What Mos is 3531?

What Mos is 3531?

Marine Corps Motor Vehicle Operator
Marine Corps Motor Vehicle Operator (MOS 3531) Operators are assigned motor transport tactical wheeled vehicles and equipment. The tactical wheeled vehicles are designed to transport military personnel, supplies, and equipment. Marine Corps Motor Vehicle Operators provide support in both combat and garrison operations.

What is a Marine Corps 3521?

The Marine Automotive Organizational Mechanic, which is military occupational specialty (MOS) 3521, makes sure all vehicles used in the field are inspected, maintained and in top condition. This role requires these Marines to be ready to repair vehicles under a variety of conditions, including combat situations.

How long is MOS school for Motor T Marines?

The MOS is 6 weeks of job training. Six weeks.

What is an 8014 MOS USMC?

Note 1: MOS 8014 = Any enlisted Marine MOS can fill the billet unless notes say otherwise. MOS 8006 & 8007 = Any unrestricted Commissioned officer MOS can fill the billet unless notes say otherwise.

What is a 3533 USMC?

3534 Semitrailer Refueler Operator They’re trained to conduct fueling and defueling operations for all aviation and ground vehicles. To qualify for this MOS, Marines need 12 months’ experience as an MOS 3531 or MOS 3533. They’ll complete a semitrailer refueler operator course at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.

How long is 1341 MOS?

two years
Engineer Equipment Chiefs Details Staff Sergeant with two years time in grade or Gunnery Sergeant, MOS 1341, 1345, or 1316.

What is a Motor T operator?

Motor transport operators are primarily responsible for supervising or operating wheel vehicles to transport personnel and cargo. They are the backbone of the Army National Guard’s support and sustainment structure, providing advanced mobility on and off the battlefield.

What is a mortarman in the Marines?

MOS Description. Mortarmen are responsible for the tactical employment of the M224, 60mm Light Mortar and M252, 81mm Medium Mortar. Mortarmen provide indirect fire in support of the rifle and LAR squads/platoons/companies and the infantry and LAR battalions.

Where do Motor T Marines get stationed?


How much do Motor T Marines make?

The typical US Marine Corps Motor Transport Operator salary is $33,245 per year. Motor Transport Operator salaries at US Marine Corps can range from $21,622 – $341,491 per year.

What MOS is 0326?

Reconnaissance Marine Parachute and Combat Diver
MOS 0326 identifies the Reconnaissance Marine Parachute and Combat Diver Qualified in the infantry field, the primary fighting force within the Marine Corps.

What is the MOS 0321?

0321 USMC is a military occupational specialty code (MOS) in the United States Marine Corps. Specifically, it represents Marines in the Marine reconnaissance (recon) specialty.