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What model Porsche is a singer?

What model Porsche is a singer?

Porsche 964
Products. The company’s main product is a “re-imagined” 911, which is a heavily modified coupe or Targa Porsche 964.

How much is a singer DLS?

$1.8 million
The Porsche 911 DLS by Singer will be produced in a very limited series of 75 units. Each of them would have a price of $1.8 million. All 75 cars will be built at the company’s UK facilities.

How much is a singer reimagined Porsche?

$1.1 Million
Buy This One for $1.1 Million. If you’re the impatient type, you can buy this Porsche reimagined by Singer instead of sitting on a massive waitlist. But it’ll cost you.

How much is a singer Porsche UK?

Known as the ‘Newcastle Commission’, the special Singer sold on the Collecting Cars online platform for a total price of £696,500 with a buyer’s premium capped at £6,000 (or 0.8 per cent of the sale price). The hammer price of £696,500 (just over $950,000) means it’s the highest figure paid for such a car at auction.

What year is a Singer Porsche?

This 1989 Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer Is a $925k USD Work of Art.

How many Singer Porsches are there?

Singer has sold every single one of its Design and Lightweighting Study cars. Ahead of a debut for a client’s DLS car at the upcoming Monterey Car Week over in California on Friday, Singer confirmed all 75 planned restorations have been sold.

How long is the wait for a singer Porsche?

roughly three years
It’s not uncommon for collectors to wait eons for one of Singer Vehicle Design’s custom Porsches. In fact, the ever-growing waiting list for a new build sits at roughly three years.

How many singer DLS are there?

75 DLS models
Singer plans to produce just 75 DLS models, offering it on client-specification cars, which means they’ll be a rarity on the road. It’s nice the spy photographers were able to capture the Singer at the famous race track, the custom 911 looking gorgeous at the Green Hell.

How long is the wait for a Singer Porsche?

How much does a Singer Porsche restoration cost?

Average cost of a Singer makeover is about $1.8 million, and there’s a two-year waiting list.

How much is a rod Emory Porsche?

The finished product cost $400,000, including the donor car, which accounted for slightly more than $50,000. Factored into that total cost was the extensive metalwork required to transform a late-generation 356 coupe into this unique Speedster.

How many Singer 911 have been sold?

What’s so special about this Porsche 911 by singer?

Obviously all the Porsche 911s reimagined by Singer are pretty special, but this one holds additional appeal (at least to a UK audience) as a right-hand drive build. It’s only covered 780 miles since leaving California, too.

What colour is the interior of a Porsche 911 Turbo?

The colour is Dark Ivory, a nod to the ivory shade offered on the 356 and 911s of the early 70s. It’s paired with tan leather (which even extends to the roll bar) for a stunning interior.

When was the first Porsche 911 made?

In 1963, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche created the Porsche 911, one of the most iconic designs of our time. Following his vision to extend the design principles of the Porsche 911 beyond the boundaries of the automobile, he founded Porsche Design in 1972. »OPTIMIZE FUNCTION. REDUCE THE FORM RIGHT DOWN TO THE ESSENTIALS.

Should you buy a Singer Vehicle Design air-cooled 911?

As such, it’s not often that anything produced by Singer Vehicle Design comes up for sale. After all, if you’d collaborated with them (and handed over hundreds of thousands of pounds) to get your vision of a perfect air-cooled 911, then selling would surely be the last thing to think about.