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What means spurious?

What means spurious?

Definition of spiroid : resembling a screw : spiral in form.

What does spurious argument mean?

While we might use either word to modify argument, a spurious argument would be based on an illegitimate set of reasons, and a specious argument would be one that has an attractive appearance but is less plausible than it initially appears. Both kinds of arguments should be avoided.

What is a Lacrimotomy in medical terms?

[ lăk′rə-mŏt′ə-mē ] n. Incision of the lacrimal duct or sac.

What does the medical term Thoracicoabdominal mean?

: of, relating to, involving, or affecting the thorax and the abdomen a thoracoabdominal incision a thoracoabdominal tumor.

What causes a spurious relationship?

Key Takeaways. Spurious correlation, or spuriousness, occurs when two factors appear casually related to one another but are not. The appearance of a causal relationship is often due to similar movement on a chart that turns out to be coincidental or caused by a third “confounding” factor.

What is a spurious allegation?

Something that is spurious seems to be genuine, but is false. [disapproval] He was arrested in 1979 on spurious corruption charges. Quite a lot of allegations of misjustice are spurious.

What is the opposite of scurrilous?

Opposite of coarse, vulgar or abusive in nature. clean. decent. moral. polite.

What is discreditable?

Definition of discreditable : injurious to reputation : disgraceful discreditable conduct.

What is the true definition of marriage?

Definition Marriage – noun – Marriage is a lifetime institution conceived of, comprised of, and created together by two people who wish to derive individual and joint benefits that are only possible from the properly functioning marriage they themselves create. Marriage is a lifetime agreement

What is marriage in the Bible?

But there are some moments of clarity about what marriage is in the Bible. Biblical marriage is based on keeping the basic elements of the relationship in mind. These guide the couple to achieve a better balance in marriage.

What are the characteristics of a successful marriage?

These may include companionship, desire for family and legacy, material prosperity and so forth. A properly functioning marriage, in which both partners understand marriage, is superior to any other common relationship; either business, social or family. Marriage is not a random relationship.

What are the two types of marriage?

It is possible to distinguish, at least in the Western world, between two great types of marriage: the Civil marriage (which is specified in front of a competent state authority) and the religious marriage (which legitimizes the union in the eyes of God ).