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What Marija means?

What Marija means?

The name Marija is primarily a female name of Slavic origin that means Bitter Or Of The Sea. Slavic form of Mary which could mean Bitter or Of the Sea.

Is Marija a Serbian name?

Marija Petković, Croatian nun. Marija Šerifović, Serbian singer….Marija.

Gender female
Word/name Hebrew via Latin and Greek
Other names
Related names Mary, Maria, Mariah, Marie, Mariya, Marijana, Marjana, Maryam, Miriam

Who is Marija The Girl in Black?

The Girl In Black lengthens the area of “Perfect” “Great” “Pass”, making it easier to hit enemies and avoid barriers. The Girl In Black Marija is also the boss of Rainy Night stage. In-game Main Menu Voice Lines; “Let’s have some fun, wimps!”

Is Marija a Russian name?

Proper noun A transliteration of the Russian female given name Мария (Marija).

Is Marija a Polish name?

A transliteration of the Russian female given name Мария (Marija). A transliteration of the Spanish or Italian female given name Maria.

Where does name Maria come from?

Maria is a historically feminine name of Latin origin. It can be translated to either mean “of the sea,” “bitter,” “beloved,” or “rebellious.” In some cultures, it’s also considered to be a variation for the name Mary. Maria is also a feminine variation for the Roman name Marius.

Is Muse Dash an anime?

Muse Dash is a mobile rhythm game developed by PeroPeroGames, and published by XD Network in Japan and hasuhasu outside of Japan. It was initially released for iOS and Android in June 2018. It combines aspects of action games and music games, using an anime art style in the form of a 2D side-scrolling video game.

How do you get Rin in Muse dash?


  1. Basist Rin: Unlocked at start of game.
  2. Bad Girl Rin: Collect eight baseballs through leveling up.
  3. Sleepwalker Rin: Collect eight pillows through leveling up.
  4. Bunny Girl Rin: Collect eight black bow-ties through leveling up.

What is the old name of Poland?

Lechia is an ancient name of Poland. The name stemming from the legendary founder and supposed ruler Lech (a common first name today).