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What makes a configuration stable?

What makes a configuration stable?

Stable configuration Their valence shell is complete. They have two or eight electrons in their valence shell. They do not gain, lose or share electrons.

What electron configuration is considered stable?

1 Answer. The most stable electron configuration is that of a noble gas, due to the fact that its valence shell is filled. For helium, that means two valence electrons (a duet) in the 1s sublevel, and for the rest it means eight valence electrons (an octet) in the outermost s and p sublevels.

What is a stable electron configuration quizlet?

What is a stable electron configuration? In a stable electron configuration, the highest occupied energy level is filled with electrons.

How do atoms achieve a stable electron configuration in single covalent bonds?

Atoms achieve stability in a single covalent bond by sharing valence electrons to create filled electron shells which are stable.

What determines whether an atom is stable or unstable?

An atom is stable if the forces among the particles that makeup the nucleus are balanced. An atom is unstable (radioactive) if these forces are unbalanced; if the nucleus has an excess of internal energy. Instability of an atom’s nucleus may result from an excess of either neutrons or protons.

What are 3 ways an atom can become stable?

It’s because they are trying to reach the most stable (lowest-energy) state that they can. Many atoms become stable when their valence shell is filled with electrons or when they satisfy the octet rule (by having eight valence electrons)….There are three major chemical bonds.

  • Ionic bond.
  • Covalent bond.
  • Hydrogen bond.

What electron configuration has the greatest stability?

The ns2np6 electron configuration, known as the octet configuration, contains eight electrons and generally has the lowest energy and is the most stable.

What groups contain three elements with stable electron configurations?

All of the elements in group 18, also known as the noble gases, have stable electron configuration because they reach the maximum number of electrons in their shells.

Which statement best describes what happens to the stability of hydrogen and oxygen atoms when they form bonds in a water molecule?

Which statement best describes what happens to the stability of hydrogen and oxygen atoms when they form bonds in a water molecule? By sharing electrons, both the hydrogen and oxygen atoms fill their outer energy levels and become more stable.

How is stability achieved in an atom?

The two types of chemical bonds that atoms can form to achieve stability are called ionic bonds and covalent bonds. In ionic bonds, atoms donate or receive electrons to achieve stability. In covalent bonds, atoms share electrons to achieve stability.

How do you know if an atom is stable?

A stable atom has a net charge of 0. In other words, it has an equal number of protons and electrons. The positive protons cancel out the negative electrons. When the number of electrons does not equal the number of protons, the atom is ionized.