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What items are age restricted by law UK?

What items are age restricted by law UK?

Trading Standards – age restricted products/sales

  • Alcohol.
  • Cigarettes, tobacco, shisha and other smoking based products.
  • E Cigarettes and Vaping Products.
  • Fireworks – sparklers, party poppers, caps, cracker snaps.
  • Dangerous chemicals – cigarette lighter fuel, glue, aerosols.
  • Acids.
  • DVDs, Blu Rays and computer games.

How old do you have to be to buy solvents?

There are age restrictions (under the age of 18) applicable to tobacco products, offensive weapons (knives and similar), crossbows, adult fireworks, solvents, airguns, lighter refills containing butane, and alcohol.

How old do you need to be to buy scissors in the UK?

Can you buy scissors in the UK at 16? If you are under the age of 18, the simple answer is: NO! In England, Northern Ireland and Wales, if you’re under the age of 18 you’re not allowed to buy: Any knife, knife blade or razor blade.

Can you sell solvents to under 18?

You must also not sell solvents to a person under 18 if you think they’ll inhale the product to achieve intoxication. You must not sell a ticket or instant scratch card to a person under 16. It’s also an offence for a person under 16 to sell a National Lottery ticket.

Are cutlery sets age restricted?

It is illegal to sell and deliver knives, other bladed products and corrosive substances to anyone under 18. When they are delivered, they should not be handed over to anyone under that age.

How old do you have to be to buy Silly String UK?

It may seem like every kids idea of a great time, but cans of silly string cannot be sold to people under 16 in Scotland.

Are razors age restricted UK?

Age Restricted Products It is illegal in the UK to purchase razor blades and razors when under the age of 18. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are confirming you are over the age of 18 when buying these products.

Do you have to be 18 to buy paracetamol?

There are no legal age restrictions for buying medicines. However, some retail outlets have their own policies that restrict the sale of medicines to children.

What can 16 buy UK?


  • Drink a beer, cider or a glass of wine with a meal in a restaurant.
  • Buy a National Lottery ticket.
  • Buy premium bonds.
  • Fly a glider.
  • Order their own passport.

Can you buy superglue under 18?

There are a few conditions that you must meet in order to buy Super Glue. You must be 18 years or older to purchase the adhesive, and it is also illegal to sell it to minors.

Are garden shears age restricted?

Are Firelighters age restricted UK?

Customers must be aged 18 or over to purchase the following: Tobacco and related products (including cigarette papers, filters, lighter fluid and matches etc.) E-cigarettes. Firelighters and related products (including lighting fluid, white spirit, disposable BBQs etc.) Gas cylinders.