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What is WSS M97B44 D2?

What is WSS M97B44 D2?

This 50/50 mixture of antifreeze/coolant and treated (purified) water provides freeze protection down to -34 °F (-36.7 °C) and boiling protection up to 265 °F (129 °C) Use only when specified. Approved to Ford Specification WSS-M97B44-D2.

What temperature does 70/30 antifreeze freeze at?

Lower Freezing Point Further, a 70/30 mixture of antifreeze and water drops the freezing point lower to -84 degrees Fahrenheit.

What temperature does 50/50 coolant boil?

BOILING & FREEZING POINTS However, when you create a 50/50 mixture using water and ethylene glycol, the boiling point rises to 223°F (106°C) and the freezing point lowers to -35°F (-37°C).

Is all orange antifreeze Dex cool?

The main way to tell the difference between Dex-Cool and regular antifreeze is that Dex-Cool is typically orange, whereas antifreeze is usually green.

What is WSS M97B44 D?

FORD WSS-M97B44-D. October 26, 2000. COOLANT, ORGANIC ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGY (OAT), CONCENTRATE, FOR PASSENGER CAR AND LIGHT TRUCK. 1. SCOPE The material defined by this specification is a coolant concentrate composed essentially of monoethylene glycol and OAT corrosion inhibitors.

What coolant does Ford recommend?

It’s called Motorcraft Yellow Antifreeze/Coolant. This next-generation antifreeze/coolant, which is designed for select 2018–2019 Ford vehicles, has the following advantages: Immediate corrosion protection.

How cold does 50/50 antifreeze protect?

A normal 50:50 mix of propylene glycol provides a protection level that will allow an engine to operate at -26°F (-32°C). That means that no ice crystals will form in the coolant till the temperature drops below -26°F (-32°C). This is referred to as the freezing point of the anti-freeze.

Can you use 50/50 antifreeze winter?

RAY: Straight antifreeze freezes at about zero degrees Fahrenheit. But when you mix it half and half with water, the freezing point DROPS to about 40 below zero! So, believe it or not, you have better protection against freezing with a 50/50 mixture.

What happens if you use green coolant instead of orange?

Can You Mix Orange and Green Antifreeze? It’s never a good idea to mix two different colors or types of antifreeze. Mixing two formulas won’t cause any dangerous reactions or explosions, but it could turn your coolant into a sludgy chemical mixture that won’t be able to flow properly through your cooling system.

What antifreeze does Ford use?

Why is coolant orange?

Why is Antifreeze Orange? If antifreeze is orange, it was most likely made with a more modern formula based around what are known as Organic Acid Technologies. Towards the end of the 1990’s, vehicle manufacturers began to use more aluminum and nylon in cooling systems.