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What is wrong with Tevez face?

What is wrong with Tevez face?

The striker suffered third-degree burns down his face, neck and chest due to an accident with boiling water. This happened when he was only 10 months old. The scar was so bad it left Tevez in intensive care for about two months. Today, this scar has become a huge part of his success story.

What is Carlos Tevez scar on neck?

Carlos Tevez’s scars on his neck were a result of a 3rd degree burn after being scalded with boiling water as a kid.

What clubs has Tevez played for?


Season Team
2021 Boca Juniors 1056
2020/2021 Boca Juniors 317
2019/2020 Boca Juniors 1055
2018/2019 Boca Juniors 1114

Is Tevez retired?

2022Carlos Tevez / Career end

Who did Tevez marry?

Vanesa MansillaCarlos Tevez / Spouse (m. 2016)

How old is Teves?

38 years (February 5, 1984)Carlos Tevez / Age

Did Man Utd buy Tevez?

Carlos Tevez has agreed to join Man Utd on loan – sources have told Sky Sports News. Carlos Tevez has agreed to join Manchester United on loan – sources have told Sky Sports News. The Argentine international is set to join United on a initial two-year term, with an option for a further three-year stay at Old Trafford.

Who owned Tevez?

Berezovsky’s claim, in the high court here, seeks half of £24m due to MSI after it sold Tevez outright in 2007 to Joorabchian himself, who bought the Tevez rights, via another company registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Did Tevez win ucl?

11 Mar / Geralt. Carlos Tevez snubbed Manchester City for rivals United by naming the 2008 Champions League win in his top three footballing moments.

Why did Tevez join man City?

“We got to the Champions League final in Rome and I didn’t have any contract on the table, even though they’d spent the whole year telling me that. “So I went to City and they complained about it but I never had the option of signing for United so I was free.”

Why is Tevez not playing?

The former Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus forward lost his adoptive father Segundo Tevez in February after he contracted Covid-19 at age 58. “Boca asks you to give the maximum and mentally I’m not in a condition to do so.

How old is Carlos Tevez?