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What is WKH15?

What is WKH15?

Equipped with an 8th generation quad-core Intel I5-8250U processor and 8GB RAM, this WKH15 laptop offers paramount performance unmatched by any of its predecessors.

What does Wkh laptop mean?

I’ve been approved to get a DSA laptop which is a disabled student laptop given for free in the UK and have the option to get their standard “workhorse” laptop which the only details I have are that it’s: “WKH” i5-7200 2.5Ghz, 8GB, 500GB, 15.6″, W10 Notebook £0.

Can I sell my DSA laptop?

It is given to you on loan. You are not allowed to sell it; it’s fraud.

What type of laptop can you get with DSA?

So all in all, you can get a Macbook from DSA or even a Pro but you must have a reason to have it, like currently owning a older one and having lots of software just for the mac and your course may use some of those softwares, this also proves that NOT just media and photography courses get a macbook or mac of some …

How much DSA do you get for dyslexia?

Full-time and part-time undergraduate or postgraduate students can get up to £25,575 a year for support. Full-time and part-time undergraduate or postgraduate students can get up to £25,000 a year for support.

Can I upgrade my DSA laptop?

Upgrading Your Equipment If you wish to upgrade some of your equipment e.g. upgrading your DSA provided laptop for a better spec machine or a MacBook, then you will need to pay the additional cost.

Do you have to pay DSA back?

You don’t have to pay back DSA unless you’re overpaid or you leave your course early, in which case you may have to pay some back – check with your Student Finance provider if you’d like more information about this. And, unlike Maintenance Loans, your household income doesn’t affect how much DSA you receive.

Can you upgrade DSA laptop?

Do you get a free laptop if you are dyslexic?

Yes, your child may be able to get a free school-issued computer. Let’s start with the most straightforward option. For kids who have an IEP or a 504 plan , the public school must provide the technology they need for learning. This can include a free laptop or digital tablet.

Can u get money for being dyslexic?

The SSA recognizes that while dyslexia is a serious learning disability responsible for hardship and frustration, most dyslexia sufferers can still live ordinary lives and be gainfully employed on a continual basis.

Can I buy my own DSA laptop?

As per the DSA guidance, students are permitted to purchase their computer from the open market.

Can you get a MacBook on DSA?

No, the DSA guidance does not allow for this exception. Higher spec computers can only be considered when the need is solely because of the student’s disability. Q. Some HEPs have higher spec computers (such as MACs) in computer labs / cluster suites.