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What is wireless electronic notice board using GSM?

What is wireless electronic notice board using GSM?

The Wireless Electronic Notice Board using GSM project, as the name suggests, is built around GSM Technology as mobile phones (that communicate through GSM Technology) have become very abundant, cheap and easy to use. NOTE: We need a Mobile Phone to send the Message (Notice) and a GSM MODEM to receive that notice.

What is the use of wireless notice board?

The applications of wireless notice board mainly include public places like bus stands, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, and parks to display the information wirelessly. This project is also used in organizations, schools, and colleges.

How do you make a wireless notice board?

  1. Step 1: Gather the Required Components and Understand the Circuit.
  2. Step 2: Connect the LCD With Breakout Board.
  3. Step 3: Connect the Bluetooth With the Arduino.
  4. Step 4: Download the Code From the Attachment.
  5. Step 5: Switch ON the Hardware.
  6. Step 6: Open “Arduino Bluetooth Control ” App.
  7. Step 7: Display the Message on the LCD.

How do I make an electronic notice board?

How to make a digital bulletin board

  1. Set up your ScreenCloud account. To create a digital bulletin board using digital signage, you’ll need some digital signage software – like ScreenCloud.
  2. Choose what messages to share. Digital signage is only as effective as the content you show on it.
  3. Create your digital bulletin board.

What is an electronic notice board?

Electronic bulletin boards (also known as message boards or as computer forums) are online communication systems where one can share, request, or discuss information on just about any subject. E-mail is a way to converse privately with one or more people over the Internet; electronic bulletin boards are public.

What is digital notice board?

What is a digital noticeboard? A digital noticeboard for your classroom is a digital screen such as a TV monitor which can be used to communicate with students. The type of content that can be shared on a digital noticeboard includes any type of media; images, presentations, videos and web applications.

What is a digital notice board?

Why is GSM used?

GSM was developed using digital technology. It has an ability to carry 64 kbps to 120 Mbps of data rates. Presently GSM supports more than one billion mobile subscribers in more than 210 countries throughout the world. GSM provides basic to advanced voice and data services including roaming service.

What is GSM function?

GSM is an open and digital cellular technology used for transmitting mobile voice and data services operate at the 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz frequency bands. GSM technology was developed as a digital system using the time division multiple access (TDMA) technique for communication purposes.

Who invented BBS?

The first BBS, called the Computerized Bulletin Board System (CBBS), was created in 1978 by Ward Christensen and Randy Suess. Although ARPANET was in operation at that time, it was restricted to institutions funded by the U.S. Department of Defense.

What are the disadvantages of bulletin board?

1 Distraction. Bulletin boards can be distracting to students.

  • 2 Student Fairness. Some teachers use bulletin boards as a means of displaying students’ achievements and good work.
  • 3 Clutter and Confusion.
  • 4 Sharp Objects.
  • 5 Not Very Green.
  • What is a wireless electronic notice board utilising GSM?

    As the name implies, the Wireless Electronic Notice Board utilising GSM project is based on GSM Technology, as mobile phones (which communicate via GSM Technology) have become increasingly common, inexpensive, and simple to use. NOTE: To send the message (notice), we’ll need a mobile phone, and to receive it, we’ll need a GSM MODEM.

    Can GSM technology replace conventional notice boards?

    The main goal of this project is to design a wireless board using GSM technology, which can replace the currently used conventional notice boards. The term GSM is the short form of the global system for mobile communication. GSM technology was developed in the year 1970.

    What are the limitations of the wireless electronic notice board?

    The limitations of the wireless electronic notice board mainly include LCD display must have the network to get the message wirelessly The electronic notice board is wireless and no need for wires for displaying the information on the LCD display. The circuit of the wireless notice board is portable.

    What is the block diagram of the Wireless Board?

    The block diagram of the wireless board mainly includes hardware and software components. Hardware requirements are 8051 microcontroller, IC level shifter, GSM module, LCD display, resistors, capacitors, diodes, voltage regulator, transformer.