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What is window location HREF in JS?

What is window location HREF in JS?

Window Location Href href property returns the URL of the current page.

Can I use window location href?

See the question IE incompatability with window. location. href. But yes, it’s better to use href as a property, which will work in any browser, including IE.

Where is window location href?

window.location.href window.location.replace
It used to return the URL of the current page. It is used to replace the current document.
It stores the URL of the current webpage. It does not show the current location.
It adds a new record to the history list. It does not show a new record to the history list.

How do I redirect a location in Windows href?

Using “window. location. href” to redirect adds a new entry to the current session history, meaning if the user clicks their “back” button, they can still return to the originating page. This method tends to be a little faster than calling a function, which is what happens in the other two methods described below.

How do you hit a URL in JavaScript?

“how to hit url in javascript” Code Answer’s

  1. function httpGet(theUrl) {
  2. var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
  3. xmlHttp. open( “GET”, theUrl, false ); // false for synchronous request.
  4. xmlHttp. send( null );
  5. return xmlHttp. responseText;

How do I send POST request using Windows href?

Using window. location. href it’s not possible to send a POST request. What you have to do is to set up a form tag with data fields in it, set the action attribute of the form to the URL and the method attribute to POST, then call the submit method on the form tag.

How do you link a location in HTML?

The Location href property in HTML is used to set or return the complete URL of the current page. The Location href property can also be used to set the href value point to another website or point to an email address.

What does setting window location href do?

How do I redirect a link in JavaScript?

This works in the same way as redirecting to any URL in javascript.

  1. Approach 1: To redirect to a relative URL in JavaScript you can use window.location.href = ‘/path’; window.location.href returns the href (URL) of the current page.
  2. Approach 2: To redirect to a relative url you can use. document.

How do you add a link in JavaScript?


  1. Create an anchor element.
  2. Create a text node with some text which will display as a link.
  3. Append the text node to the anchor element.
  4. Set the title and href property of the element.
  5. Append element in the body.

How do I make an HTML link open automatically?

Use window. open with URL inside the auto trigger script to open a new link without clacking in HTML webpage.