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What is wind in the desert called?

What is wind in the desert called?

Sirocco. A sirocco is a hot desert wind that blows northward from the Sahara toward the Mediterranean coast of Europe. More broadly, it is used for any kind of hot, oppressive wind.

What is name of wind that blows from Sahara desert?

The chergui or sharqi (Arabic: شرقية šarqīa) is the name of a continental easterly or southeasterly wind which blows on the southernmost part of Morocco, a hot and dry wind coming from the Sahara Desert.

What are hot dry winds from Africa called?

Sirocco (/sɪˈrɒkoʊ/), scirocco, ghibli, jugo or, rarely, siroc (see § Names below) is a Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara and can reach hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe, especially during the summer season.

What is the nature of simoon?

Simoom winds are hot and dry winds that blow with tremendous velocities from the Sahara and Arabian deserts. As these winds are quite strong, they are destructive.

What is the name of the wind which blows in Saudi Arabia?

shamal, hot and dry, dusty wind from the north or northwest in Iraq, Iran, and the Arabian Peninsula. In June and July it blows almost continuously, but usually under 50 km (about 30 miles) per hour.

What sirocco means?

Definition of sirocco 1a : a hot dust-laden wind from the Libyan deserts that blows on the northern Mediterranean coast chiefly in Italy, Malta, and Sicily. b : a warm moist oppressive southeast wind in the same regions. 2 : a hot or warm wind of cyclonic origin from an arid or heated region.

What is a sandstorm called in Egypt?

Each spring, Egypt is hit by sand storms, known as the khamsin, or the 50-day wind, that deposit a layer of fine sand on buildings and cars. Khamsin can be triggered by depressions that move eastwards along the southern parts of the Mediterranean or along the North African coast from February to June.

Which wind blows in Egypt?

The correct answer is Egypt. ‘Khamsin’ wind is a local wind of Egypt. ‘Khamsin’ wind is a hot, and dry wind.

What is a scirocco wind?

sirocco, warm, humid wind occurring over the northern Mediterranean Sea and southern Europe, where it blows from the south or southeast and brings uncomfortably humid air. The sirocco is produced on the east sides of low-pressure centres that travel eastward over the southern Mediterranean.

What is Harmattan winds?

harmattan, cool dry wind that blows from the northeast or east in the western Sahara and is strongest in late fall and winter (late November to mid-March).

What is the khamsin wind?

khamsin, also spelled Khamseen, or Chamsin, hot, dry, dusty wind in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula that blows from the south or southeast in late winter and early spring.

What is a sandstorm called in Arabic?

A haboob is different than a sandstorm because it’s caused by strong thunderstorm winds and can lift dust as high as 5,000, according to AccuWeather. The name comes from the Arabic word habb, meaning, “wind.” You might also see it spelled: bub, habub, haboub, hubbob and hubbub.