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What is Vitros ECI?

What is Vitros ECI?

The VITROSĀ® ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System is a versatile system that verifies and documents each step throughout processing. This means you can count on the result integrity and quality you need to confidently deliver the results that matter.

What is the principle of Vitros 350?

The Ortho Clinical Vitros 350 Chemistry System self-contained system provides onboard controls to maintain reagents without operator maintenance or intervention. Optimum temperature and humidity are automatically maintained maximizing the integrity and stability of onboard reagents providing for result integrity.

What is a Vitros system?

VITROSĀ® Is Versatile It provides a comprehensive clinical chemistry and immunoassay menu on a single integrated platform, delivering high quality, productivity and value to your lab.

What is dry chemistry analyzer?

A dry chemistry analyzer is a process in which a liquid test sample is added directly to a dry reagent strip manufactured specifically for each project. The dry chemistry analyzer uses the moisture of the sample being tested as a solvent to cause a specific chemical reaction that leads to a chemical analysis.

What is Abbott Alinity?

The Alinity m System is a fully integrated and automated molecular diagnostics analyzer which utilizes real-time PCR technology. Alinity m delivers true random access; continuous loading for samples, reagents, commodities and access to waste; fast time to first result; and high throughput.

What are assays and reagents?

R&D Systems offers a variety of research tools to measure the activity of your molecule of interest. In contrast to more traditional assays that measure analyte levels, these kits and reagents provide a functional assessment and, therefore, a direct measurement of analyte activity.

What is the principle of Vitros 250?

Vitors-250 is a unique clinical chemistry analyzer which uses dry-slide (micro-slide) technology. Vitros-250 is a computer controlled automated robotic machine hugely used for diagnosis or preclinical and biomedical research, particularly for metabolic diseases.

What is dry reagent?

In dry chemistry, reagents are in a dry form, most frequently as a tablet or in an impregnated matrix. The re- agents are unitized, ie, the reagents for each individual test are used and disposed of as a single entity. Re- agents are immediately reactive when the specimen is added.